Mover: easily move and backup your websites between FTP, MySQL, hosting and cloud

Do you rely on your hosing provider when it comes to backup? Maybe be it is not the best idea. Moving a large number of files between hosting and your computer can be a pain. But there is a new service doing it for you – Mover. It supports FTP for file transfers, MySQL databases and a large number of cloud storages including Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive).

New Box for iPhone and iPad comes with 50 GB free cloud storage

Box, the cloud storage which you can use for your backup and document or photos syncing, comes with all new app for iPhone and iPad. If you will download it in the next 30 days, you will get lifetime free 50 GB cloud storage. That sounds great.

Acronis True Image Online: How to install the client and configure backup

One of the possibilities how to keep your data safe and backed up is using some kind of online service providing backup solution. Acronis is one of them and if you are willing to pay for it, it provides fast and reliable solution. This article describes how to install the client and configure your backup.

How to backup WordPress website to Dropbox cloud

There are many potential security problems if you run a website with a larger CMS. You should regularly check for updates of your WordPress installation, you should choose the good hosting, you should apply security patches to your server but you always have to backup your website. And why not to try to backup your WordPress to the Dropbox cloud?

CopyTrans Contacts: how to backup iPad and iPhone contacts

The new app from CopyTrans offers simple edition and backup your iPhone contacts, also iPad or any other iOS device without iTunes or iCloud.

Creating A Windows 8 System Image For Backup Purposes

Windows 8 comes with a wonderful set of backup tools, that are incredibly easy to use, that put very little stress on the user, and allow almost any user to handle basic backup utilities.

Turning On File History In Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a lot of interesting features. Microsoft is working to upgrade the parts that were faulty in Windows 7, and add a couple of new options as well.

In their attempt to build a more versatile, secure system, Windows 8 comes with a completely new file system and a File History backup system that’s supposed to be a lot easier to use and far more reliable than it used to be to save your data.

Windows 8 File History Backup: How-To

Whereas the new backup system for Windows 8 might not be suited for all kinds of users, it certainly helps home users of the general requirement of having to consider 3rd party applications, go through reviews and go through different licensing systems.

Not to mention the fact that Microsoft’s solution is certainly a lot easier to use than all those complex application you might find on the market. Albeit, some of them are built for the home user, it’s a lot easier when it’s already installed and already built for your system.

Native Windows 8 Backup System – Will It Catch On?

Windows Backup did not gain an amazing reputation – people that use it, use it mostly because it’s convenient and free, rather than because they feel they can count on it.

Less than 5% of consumer users end up actually using Microsoft Backup, which is an incredibly low number given the general usage of embedded Microsoft products. However, with the migration towards Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to get its users hooked on their backup system, with a different type of backup – a continuous one.

Preparing for Windows 8 Backup With Paragon Software

Image Backup for Windows 8 is one of those backup tools that need not much figuring out. As odd as that past sentence may sound, the point is, it does exactly what it should – it backs up data on Windows 8 machines.