Google Calendar Sync: Awesome Online Calendar by Google

Google Calendar Sync has a feature using which you can synchronize events Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. Once you synchronize these both you can verify the information flow direction and also the synchronization frequency can be determined. We know that we cannot synchronize events on our secondary calendar which is available. So Google Calendar Synccan synchronize events from our MS Outlook Calendar which is default and our Google Calendar which is primary. 


Features of Google Calendar Sync 

  • Available Free.
  • Can synchronize MS Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar.
  • You can control the direction of synchronization.
  • Synchronization Frequency can be determined.
  • Can Be synchronized with Windows Mobile, MS Outlook, MS Outlook 2003 

System Requirements for Google Calendar Sync 

  • MS Outlook, MS Outlook 2003.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Client Requires Pentium or IBM Compatible Computer.
  • Hard Drive Space of 2 MB 

Google Calendar Sync Review 

We know that online calendars is a great concept, but the only problem related with them are we require two of them, one at the work space and one personal one. This problem was eradicated by Google Calendar Sync. This utility was recently launched by Google and we can synchronize both of the calendars discussed above. 

This uti9lity also provides us to set the direction of synchronization and also how often the synchronization should take place. The software is very easy to install, but you can see the outlook items in Google Calendar but vice versa is not possible. The more exiting about is it that it is available freely. 


We know that is Outlook application is very popular among the Microsoft OS users. But if you want to synchronize the events on the available secondary calendars then this is not possible. Till now the online calendar field was dominated by Yahoo but when the Google Calendar was launched by Google the scene begin to change.