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Backblaze: unlimited cloud backup for 5 USD per month

Backblaze: unlimited cloud backup for 5 USD per month

How do you backup your data? Do you have file based backups or do you backup the whole disc partition as an image? Do you use external drive or cloud? After years of trying I've found a nice solution for my needs. A few months back I started to use Backblaze Backup with cloud storage and interesting price.

How to backup Android apps before hard reset

The android market or the Google play store is flooding with thousands of new applications, games and utilities for the android lovers each day enhancing their experience with the OS and attracting a million more.

7zbackup - How to backup Windows with PowerShell and 7zip

Backing up can be a very tedious and a repetitive task. Hence, to save time and effort 7zbackup is often made use of.

One click Linux backup with Back In Time

I’ve been a long-time fan of OS X’s Time Machine – it’s sleek, simple, easy to use and it does its job without ever forcing me to looking for a different app. Well, the good news today is that we now have a similar application for Linux and it’s called Back in Time.

GFI Backup Home Edition – What To Expect

Decent freeware backup software is hard to come by, especially if you expect it to do a little more than just backup one file or to. However, if what you’re looking for is a tool that will aid a home user in his backup procedures then you might be pleased to know that GFI Backup Freeware (or Home Edition) does its job quite nicely.

It provides a decent combination of a user-friendly interface and a number of advanced options that will make any home user comfortable with the control. Or that’s how it used to be.

Simple Backup Tool - Safe Backup

The files on your hard drive are important to you – whether they are your own personal files, or because you actually need them in your daily job. This means that you need to have some sort of security in place to make sure you have a contingency plan for rougher days.

How to backup Windows registry with RegShot

In a world filled with backup solutions, you’d think there isn’t space for another application. Think again though – RegShot has the advantage of being both free and open-source, not to mention an excellent solution if you’re looking for an application that does just that – backup your registry.

How to Transfer and backup Apps from your computer to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Do you need to backup the iPhone or any other iOS powered device? You can use the default software from Apple – iTunes. There are also some alternatives. CopyTrans Manager for example. Its newest version supports drag and drop and besides the music and photos also supports the apps.

CopyTrans Manager: first free iTunes compatible with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S

If you are regular reader of Backup HowTo, you surely know the CopyTrans Manager, the freeware alternative to iTunes. Now, there is a good news for users who upgraded to iOS 5 or just buying the new iPhone 4S. CopyTrans Manager is now compatible with them.

How To Back-up Linux Partition From Windows

As you already know Linux is an operating system that runs on your computer. Typically it is not compatible with windows, so when you load this into your system you are going to have a partition that will separate your Linux system from your Windows system on your hard drive.

This is fine and dandy however you are going to want to back-up your files just in case something was to happen to your computer. Even if you are just running one system there is still a chance for your computer to malfunction.