How to backup iPhone

If you want to backup your iPhone, because you dare to lose all your information and make your iPhone into a useless element normally if things go off beam, the worst that will happen is that you have to restore your iPhone to its initial pristine state. That means that you’d lose your settings and data on the iPhone. So before you loose your iPhone, make sure you save off your data by doing simple steps.

Back up contacts from iPhone

You can backup My Contacts using the Windows Address Book (begin with Start after that Programs then to Accessories and you see Address Book). You can export my contacts as a Windows Address Book (WAB) file and a comma separated value file (CSV).this steps make you contact save. And you feel

Back up photos from your iPhone

On Windows XP system each time you plugged in the iPhone, a different dialog window would pop up. In which go ahead and run the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard and you can bring in the pictures on your iPhone and move them to your Windows computer with no trouble.

Back up music

You can store your music as same manner in your system as you backup photos.

Back up iPhone settings

This sounds terribly low tech, but take a blank piece of paper and walk through your Settings function on the iPhone and just write down each setting. It is dreary but in 10 -20 minutes you have got a documentation of every setting of your iPhone, so it won’t hurt if you have to reinstate your iPhone to a perfect state.

Back up bookmarks

I use Firefox & Internet Explorer for iPhone bookmarks. If you have so many bookmarks then use it otherwise no need to do it. So go ahead and enjoy.

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