How To Backup With CrashPlan

Your computer has been acting a little off lately. You notice it is running slower and having a major lag time when you start certain programs. You may start to become concerned about your computer. Is there a crash coming? Are all of your files backed up? If the crash was going to happen shortly are you going to lose all of your precious pictures and important documents?

How To Back-up Digital Camera Firmware Before Updating

Many brands for digital cameras suggest that you need to back-up everything that is on your camera to begin with before doing any kind of update. Sometimes unforeseen events could cause you to lose everything.

How To Back-up Nokia Smartphone With Symbian

Face it, today majority of people cannot live without their smartphone. Their phone has their life on it. From contacts to emails, pictures and music, and applications that you spend money on you definitely do not want to lose those. So what is the best way to back-up your Nokia smartphone? Well, Symbian is the main producer of Nokia operating systems so using Symbian will be your best choice.

Effective Backup Principles For Photographers

Being a photographer is a tough business to begin with. When a photographer loses their pictures then they lose their whole business. Lost pictures are lost money and time and that is something a photographer just cannot afford. Here are a few simple backup techniques to keep your photos safe and keep you in business.

Smaller Backups with WinRAR

Reducing the size of your backups is key to conserving storage space. The smaller your backups are, the more storage space you'll have (flash drive, external hard drive, cloud). If you backup your data to an online storage service (Amazon Cloud), it will behoove you to make your backups as compact as possible, as online storage services usually charge you for the amount of storage space you consume.

How To Back up Your Gmail Account

Many of us have important emails that we need to keep, or at least would like to keep. Many also have a business email account that holds many important files that are a necessity and you need to make certain you will never loose. That is where backup files come in.

How To Back-up Linux Partition From Windows

As you already know Linux is an operating system that runs on your computer. Typically it is not compatible with windows, so when you load this into your system you are going to have a partition that will separate your Linux system from your Windows system on your hard drive.

This is fine and dandy however you are going to want to back-up your files just in case something was to happen to your computer. Even if you are just running one system there is still a chance for your computer to malfunction.

How To Use SkyDrive As A Backup Storage

You may never worry about it or even have a passing thought about the chance of your computer crashing. Consider all of the important things you have located on your computer that you will lose forever if you do not backup your computer.

All of your important work documents, your children’s baby pictures, music that you have spent quite a bit of time locating and downloading and have paid for. There is a lot more on there too other than the few listed items.

Backing Up With Windows Briefcase

The Windows Briefcase feature has been around for a long time, but a lot of users don't take advantage of this feature because they don't know what it does or don't see how Briefcase makes backing up and synching all your important files a snap to do.

Sure, you can manually save all your documents onto a flash drive from your desktop computer, but every time you make a change to a document on your desktop you have to remember to backup to the flash drive; it becomes cumbersome to do this manually over and over again.

Backup Encryption With TrueCrypt

Keeping backups of all your valuable documents is highly important. And if your documents contain sensitive information (financial records, tax documents, receipts, etc.) it's a good idea to encrypt and password-protect your documents from prying eyes. Imagine backing up all your financial records to your laptop only to find that your laptop has disappeared!