7zbackup - How to backup Windows with PowerShell and 7zip

Backing up can be a very tedious and a repetitive task. Hence, to save time and effort 7zbackup is often made use of.

In today’s world, all our computers are at high risk of being hijacked into and data stolen from. There are virus attacks that can corrupt your data and leave your computer worthless. Hence, it is of utmost importance to back up your digital data and keep it safe even in case a deadly virus blows up your PC.

Backing up for the regular personal computer is different from the requirements of that of an organization. An organization needs to keep its database secured and up to date.

Backing up has become a more frequent task with the amounts of disk space available jumping ever higher. There is much more space to have more number of backups. These backups are very handy and crucial for an organization point of view.

There are many means and software to backup windows and other necessary data files; however, the problem rests with the amount of space wastage that incurs. The available space should be used sensibly and cautiously to avoid unnecessary bulks of files and slowing down of the computing systems.

7zip program useful for creating compressed files comes into play here. 7-zip is very popular file compression software because it is free, easy to use in addition to being effective at its task of reducing file size.

The unique selling point of 7zbackup is this advantage of reducing the backup file sizes considerably in combination with 7zip. It greatly automates your boring endeavor to back up your windows files. It uses the ‘Archive’ criteria for selecting files for backup.

You may backup in a strategy suitable to you employing full, incremental or differential backup. You can plunge deep into any directory of your choice and choose to either exclude or include a specific file type.

It also prepares a preset file list from which 7zip analyses to effect of including the necessary files in the archive. 7zip solves the issue of duplicate file names by using junction points that give each file a relative path and hence, all the files can stay under the same root.

If you are backing up using the differential or the incremental means, then the program shall see to it that only the properly archived files shall be attributed as archive. It also has a very important and space saving function of keeping your backups in the order of time and erasing out the earlier ones.

The next time you set out backing up your windows, let 7zbackup take up the task. You may even schedule backups to a particular date and time and receive a log of the backup process as an email!