How to backup Android apps before hard reset

The android market or the Google play store is flooding with thousands of new applications, games and utilities for the android lovers each day enhancing their experience with the OS and attracting a million more.

We all have come to love the applications we use and have become so used to them that they may well be considered as an integral part of our daily lives. You cannot run from the fact that you do spend a chunk of your time fondling your android phone playing games or messing up with a new application.

The applications range from those offering higher functionalities such as soft keyboards to a number of social apps that connect us to our loved ones in overseas conversations through the power of internet. We use them daily and parting from them could be a real upset. However, what could one do possibly when your phone seems sluggish or deteriorated? The only way to get your android back to feather touch smoothness involves a complete hard reset of your phone memory that shall leave it anew!

Though, you may hesitate at the thought of having to let go of your apps that you have stored and collected overtime and those that you cannot imagine to spend a day. Think about the high score in Angry Birds that you boast of, once reset your high scores and all the glory and other necessary data would be lost. You may have spent a lot of time just setting up some of these applications to suite your requirements and now you may have to do it all over again leave aside the fact of having to download all the files.

However, you may drop your worries because there is a way to back up your beloved android apps and to restore them as they were. You may backup your apps along with their stored data that can be restored later from your SD card.

You may search for android backup apps on the Google play store. You will be surprised to find the number of apps that come up in the search. All you need to do is to select one of the trusted apps and install them on your phone.

The next thing you know is the application is scanning your phone for all the installed apps and gives you a list to select the ones you would like to back up! Here are some wonderful Android Backup Apps:

It is as easy as that. The backing up application shall store your apps as an .apk file that is the installation file format for android apps. You can easily click on any of the .apk files and the desired application shall be installed on your phone. Other applications would often backup the whole of your internal memory to the SD card along with your app data, which may be restored later.