How To Back-up Nokia Smartphone With Symbian

Face it, today majority of people cannot live without their smartphone. Their phone has their life on it. From contacts to emails, pictures and music, and applications that you spend money on you definitely do not want to lose those. So what is the best way to back-up your Nokia smartphone? Well, Symbian is the main producer of Nokia operating systems so using Symbian will be your best choice.


SugarSync is a cloud-type back-up system provided by Symbian for you to use with your Nokia Smartphone. The program is free for download for your phone as well as your PC. With this program you will be able to share files from your phone to your computer and vice versa.

Let’s say you have some important files on your phone that you have transferred from your office computer. An easy way to get them onto your home computer is using the SugarSync program. Not only can you transfer files but also pictures, music, schedules, and pretty much anything else you may have stored on your phone.

First, you need to download the free application from the Ovi Store. You will need to download it not only on your phone but on your computer you plan on backing up your phone on. If you do not already have an account with SugarSync then you need to go ahead and Sign Up for a free one, there is a button provided for you to do this.

The button with take you to a signup screen that will help you get your account set up. If you already have an account with SugarSync then you will only need to enter your email address and your password to access your account.

Once signed into SugarSync you will see the main interface that has 3 tabs at the top of the screen, they are labeled Files, Photos and Shared. Your folders with SugarSync will appear at the top of the screen and under that will be the devices you have listed with the account.

Now if you have not downloaded the app to your computer yet you will only see your phone listed under the devices, so do not panic just go ahead and repeat the process you just did on your phone with your computer.

Now when you are about to back-up your files from your phone they are put into a web archive. So instead of being stored on your phone they are stored on your SugarSync cloud storage. The files will appear in your web archive file on your phone but you will be sharing them out of the cloud storage.

Now not only are you able to back-up your files to your cloud storage system but you are also able to share multiple types of files with many people. You have the ablility to share photos that you just took with friends and family though a web album.

Or if you have documents that you need to share with coworkers or clients you are able to upload them from your computer to your phone and then onto their computers.

The free SugarSync account comes with a whopping 5GB, if that is not enough for your files and goods that you want and need to share Ovi offers other storage options that you can purchase.

Simply go to the Ovi Store and see what they have to offer for what prices, you are sure to find a back-up solution that is suitable for you at a reasonable price.