How To Back-up Digital Camera Firmware Before Updating

Many brands for digital cameras suggest that you need to back-up everything that is on your camera to begin with before doing any kind of update. Sometimes unforeseen events could cause you to lose everything.

So be safe with your pictures and back them up. Some of the most convenient ways to back-up your pictures are backing up to your computer or storing everything on to a memory chip. Here are the steps to do these two kinds of back-ups.


Most people have their digital cameras already linked to their computers. Why not when it is easy to download to the computer and then upload to a website to display and share them with friends and family. Now before starting an update you want to be certain that you have saved everything. That means you want to back-up everything that is on your removable storage disk as well as everything on the internal memory.

You can do this by using the program that came with your digital camera. Simply start up your program and connect your camera, you should be able to drag and drop everything from your camera.

You may have to do this twice if it will not let you to do both the internal memory and the removable memory at the same time. Once all files are saved you will be able to begin your update, keep your camera connected to the computer and initiate the update process.

After a few moments, your camera should be updated and ready to go. You should not have any issues re-entering your memory disk and loading the pictures back onto your camera, however you could always just get a new memory card and start from fresh so you will have more room for new pictures.

Removable Memory Chip

Most digital cameras already automatically save pictures to the memory chip. Some cameras however may require you to sync your card with the camera. This process should be initiated by the camera however if it is not you will need to get into the menu and select the option for syncing your card to the camera.

Just follow the on screen prompts and your card and camera should be ready in no time. Now that they are compatible together, you should be able to store all of your pictures to your card. Therefore, when you are ready to update your camera you will only need to remove your removable memory card.

Now if you are unable to remove the card and do the update you will want to make sure that your camera is connected to your computer. Go to your “my computer” option and you should see a drive that is labeled “removable disk” you will click on this drive.

After clicking the drive, you should be able to select the photos and copy them into a file on your computer. You will also be able to modify your card if need be and erase it as well. That way you will not have to buy a new card and you have all of your pictures already available on your computer ready for uploading to your favorite social media site to share with friends and family.

Either way you choose to back-up your camera is simple and easy to do. There are no complicated manuals and they do it all on their own, you just need to hit the start button.