How to backup using WD My Book

Most notebook owners are recently became attentive of a need for extra storage space. The creation in digital media such as music, video and images (high resolution) has resulted in an equivalent increase in require for storage space. Notebook computers habitually come prepared with smaller space hard drives than desktop, and their closed skeleton makes upgrading the offered drive a task the minority owners wish to consider. Therefore they turn to external means such as optical media, USB flash keys, online backup or, as we look at here: external hard-drives.

Western Digital Book and accessory

So you can use My Book Essential. For storing data. The My Book is come with install guide, US plug, USB cable, UK plug, Power break, and Rubber feet. Install guide take up your installation process easy. Using My Book is so easy and simple.

WD My Book

Western Digital My Book variety has a number of tiers cuisines for special users, from home to proficient. They vary in price and capacity pretty significantly. So far My Book as being one of the finest solutions.

How to use WD My Book

You just have to attach the entire given component in My Book. And start your works. This can backup your data means everything u need to store even you can store things you don’t want to store. Because My Book comes with 1.5TB I think this is a huge storage space for images, videos and anything else. So this storage system can store all the files on it and are always easy to get to when you need them.

WD My Book

My Book is always accessible in the Local area network even the local system is turned off. This feature makes this product one of the best Solution for entire networking. So you don’t have to turn on your system always. My book require 10/100/1000base- t Ethernet connection, broadband internet, 500 MB of space in your local hard drive, minimum you have a Pentium III with 500 MHz, 512 MB RAM and a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. After this you can store your data from any destination. You can also edit the stored data from any system in your network and save edited data.

WD My Book technical data

My Book disk spins at the rate of 7200 Rpm and uses a USB 2.0 interface. HDTune gives the results in opposition to my 4200rpm 100GB internal drive. The actual capacity is 232GB, and at first comes FAT32 formatted, though changed this to NTFS.

HD Tune

So you can feel peace of mind for your data. Don’t have a sleepless night for thinking that is my work is safe enough.