How To Use SkyDrive As A Backup Storage

You may never worry about it or even have a passing thought about the chance of your computer crashing. Consider all of the important things you have located on your computer that you will lose forever if you do not backup your computer.

All of your important work documents, your children’s baby pictures, music that you have spent quite a bit of time locating and downloading and have paid for. There is a lot more on there too other than the few listed items.

You may be thinking it is time for you to do a backup, but you really are not looking for a lot of space and you do not want to deal with a bunch of CDs. And you do not want to pay a chunk of change for an external hard drive, so where does that leave you? This is where SkyDrive comes in.


Windows Live SkyDrive is a platform for window users to backup their files or whole computers for free online. The process is simple to follow and it takes little time to do it. First what you want to do is open up your web browser and type in the web address, the only way you are going to be able to access SkyDrive is with a Windows Live ID. This idea is what you use for MSN instant messenger or even for an MSN or Hotmail email account. So if you do not have one you will want to get one now.

After you have your Windows Live ID setup you will want to use it and your password to sign in to the SkyDrive. Your profile page will be the first page you will see. Here is will show you your documents that are on SkyDrive as well as give you the chance to create new documents right there.

You are able to add files easily within your SkyDrive. There are tabs near the top of the screen that are labeled New, here you can create new documents to share, Add Files, this is where you can load files from your computer to your SkyDrive, View Synced Folders, here you are able to see what files are synced and to whom they are synced with, there is also the Options tab which gives you a few additional options.

For backing up your computer you will want to click on the add files tab. Next you will select the folder in which you want the new files to be stored in, if you do not like one that is there you have the option of making a new folder. Double click on your desired folder, next you will see a box that has a drag and drop option. You will can either locate the file on your computer and drag them to the box, or you have a link where you can choose the files through their search box, the standard search box for windows.

You have 25 GB of free space on your SkyDrive, you are only able to upload individual documents and pictures and items of the same. You are not able to upload entire folders however. And you are only able to upload 50 MB per file, however 50 MB is a lot of space for a file. So however you choose to upload it is a visual process and straight forward instructions. If you already have an email account with MSN you have SkyDrive already, it is located under your office tab at the top of your email page.