How To Back-up Linux Partition From Windows

As you already know Linux is an operating system that runs on your computer. Typically it is not compatible with windows, so when you load this into your system you are going to have a partition that will separate your Linux system from your Windows system on your hard drive.

This is fine and dandy however you are going to want to back-up your files just in case something was to happen to your computer. Even if you are just running one system there is still a chance for your computer to malfunction.

Being the responsible person that you are, you are ready to back-up your files to reduce any chance of a headache should anything happen to your computer and you lose everything. So how exactly are you going to back-up your Linux with Windows? There really is no way to do it since the two are kind of incompatible. Well there is where CrashPlan comes in to save the day.


CrashPlan is a system that is compatible not only with Linux but also Windows and Mac. It is truly amazing, now you have the ability to back-up your Linux system and your Windows system. The steps are simple and the program pretty much runs itself.

It does its own automatic updates, so when a new version comes out your system is going to update itself. If also has a daily automatic back-up system as well as unlimited space for your files! What more could you want from this terrific program? How about making it free! That is right it is free, will have many options for you to choose from. You can choose the free version for individuals that do not own a business to plans that are for large businesses.

So, now is the time to get your Linux backed up. What you will want to do is click on the “Get It Now, FREE!” button that is located midway down the screen on the left hand side. Once you click it, it will automatically choose the program that is best suited for your operating system, however you do have the option to download a different version if you deem necessary.

Once you have chosen your CrashPlan and have started the download process you are going to be prompted to create an account. This is done directly after installation, which is automatic after CrashPlan is finished installing. You will provide the appropriate information and CrashPlan will create an account for you. CrashPlan will actually send notifications and back-up reports to the registered email address. If you are already a member you will just have to enter the needed email address and password to link your accounts.

You now have CrashPlan installed and running. Here is where the back-up process begins. CrashPlan’s default setting is to back-up your entire home/ user folder. If you decide that you do not want everything copied you can select the option to change what folders and files you want to back-up. After the files are chosen you will then select the destination for where you want your files backed up to.

The destinations available are CrashPlan Central, an external hard drive, another computer and even a friend’s computer. You even have the option to choose all of them if you would like to. So your destination is chosen now is time to start the back-up. Simply click the start back-up button and sit back and allow CrashPlan to back-up your files.