Tips to popular online backup services

When it comes to backup we all know it is nearly mandatory, especially if you own sensitive data. Personally, I am a photographer and I have to backup most of my photographs weekly – and I find it as being mandatory, not necessarily because they are very important at that particular moment, but because in time I might go back to them, in order to refine my work.

Backup is mandatory in all fields – no matter if we are discussing about programming, photography, business files and so on. With all the possible hazards, it is understandable why people are constantly searching for methods to backup their data. One viable option is to buy medias such as backup hard drives to store all your sensitive data based on date.

The great thing about this is that all your data would be available immediately after the hazard making it fast and reliable. The downward part is that offline backup systems usually cost too much if you are not running a corporation or you do not have too sensitive data to store.

In this case, there is the option of online backup services. Basically, online backup services store your data somewhere on a backup service and it only takes a few minutes (hours or days – depending on data volume) to store them all. The great thing about this is your data will be available from all around the world as long as you have a solid internet connection.

Within this article we shall discuss about three of the most popular online backup services since you might want to choose one of them, and you have to know which one’s best for your needs.

The Apple Option

Apple gives every .mac subscriber out there 250MB webspace for backup and e-mail. It may not seem as much however if your sensitive data (which you need to back-up) are not very large, and you are a Mac user you might find this particular option very interesting.

This particular service is heavily secured; therefore, you would not have problems with possible hackers not to mention the fact that it would be a part of your daily web interaction. The only issue is that those 250MB are split between your backup and e-mail. My e-mail takes about 400MB at the moment, therefore Apple’s option wouldn’t mean that much to me.

The Solution

One of the best online backup providers on the internet made it to our list as well. Service plans that include even an economy plan which is priced somewhere around $10 per month make it easier for you to choose exactly what you need – not to mention the fact that these service plans include impressive storages (For that small $10 fee, you receive about 5GB of storage, and that’s something).

iBackup is the type of service that knows to offer a bit of everything – it may not offer tremendous amounts of space, however it does not charge the user huge sums for it either. A great balance is usually the key to success, and surely found it. as your back-up solution

Every computer user has his needs, and based on these needs, Symantec’s has to offer a great number of service plans. Depending on how much space you need and data sensitivity, can offer as little as 50MB for $4.25 per month, or even more if you need to backup more data.