How To Backup With CrashPlan

Your computer has been acting a little off lately. You notice it is running slower and having a major lag time when you start certain programs. You may start to become concerned about your computer. Is there a crash coming? Are all of your files backed up? If the crash was going to happen shortly are you going to lose all of your precious pictures and important documents?

Well now is not the time to worry now is the time to take action. You need to get all of the important stuff on your computer backed up so when the crash does happen you will not have to worry if you are going to be able to save your documents. This is where CrashPlan comes in handy.


CrashPlan is an online database that allows you space to backup all of your files. You can choose to backup everything on your computer or just the most important things.

The brilliant part of CrashPlan is that it has multiple backup sites. It not only backs up your files online, they also backup your files onsite as well as having off site destinations for backups. And an even more amazing bit is that it is all free. Free download as well as unlimited space.

It also has daily automatic backups and you have the option to do your own personal backup. They will even backup attached drives! This is all included in the free CrashPlan. For an individual this is perfect, if you are running a business there are other option plans as well.

So how do you get this brilliant backup system? First you go to Here they are going to list their different plans as well as give descriptions of what each plan offers. Next you will want to select the plan you are interested in and then located the Get It Now button on the left hand side midway down the screen. You will then select what operating system you are using.

For CrashPlan you can have an operating system that is Mac, Windows, Windows (64-bit), Linux and also Solaris. Here is a little bonus for you, after you download the program it will automatically update itself when needed. No need for you to search for updates.

Next you will have to create an account, the installer will actually prompt you to do this. Simply input the required information and it will do the rest. After the program is installed and you have your account active it is time to select what you want to backup. CrashPlan’s default setting is for backing up your entire Home/ User folder.

If you are not interested in having your entire computer backed up you have the option to change and specify what you want to backup. After all of your files and folders are chosen you will then hit the sate backup button. It will then proceed to backup your folders and files to CrashPlan central as well as the other destinations you have chosen.

Your destinations are selected by you. You can choose to back up your files to an external hard drive, another computer (including a friend’s computer), CrashPlan Central and even the option to backup to all of them. As you can see the process is plain and simple.

Should the need arise to restore your computer, all you have to do is open up your CrashPlan account and hit the restore tab on the top left hand side. How much easier can it get?