How to back up your Minecraft saves

Minecraft is an exceptional creative sandbox building game that was created by Markus Notch Persson. His company Mojang currently develops this game. This game is immensely based upon putting your creativity and imagination to work to make 3D world out of the textured cubes.

As interesting as it seems minecraft is a fun game that can seriously get you addicted for long hours of play. The commercial release of the game included two modes of gameplay, namely survival and creative. Both these modes are significantly different from each other as in survival mode the player has to collect resources to gain and maintain health and to suffice hunger.

On the other hand, creative mode allows a player unlimited supply of health and resources coupled with flying capabilities without having to face hunger. Creative mode is much more similar to the classic version of minecraft that is in no further development and available freely of course with a lot of added features. In addition, there is a third gameplay mode called the hardcore. However, this level is pretty challenging because the player cannot re-spawn upon death and would require deleting his world each time.

Minecraft developers bring to us multi-platform gaming, with the game having already released for the iOS, Android and the PC platforms. The most recent release has been on the amazing Xbox 360. The popularity of this game seems to be ever increasing with millions of people already addicted and playing. Over 6 million PC edition copies have been sold and almost 9 million across all the above stated platforms and the numbers keeps escalating.

Minecraft is one of the games that are gaining a huge audience recently. The number of copies sold and the number of people playing minecraft keep increasing day by day. This is due to the amazingly interesting gameplay that the game has to offer.

Minecraft is a constructive game that is completely based upon combining blocks to make up materials that are finally used for building various things. The popularity has shot through the roof since the game has been introduced on many platforms including the iOS, the Android platform along with the usual PC and Xbox 360 gaming platforms.

This game is so popular and addictive as it gives a complete package including all from mining ores, fighting giant hostile mobs and creating various materials by crafting the resources found in the course of the game. The game is so made that the player can take his own unique course of action building anything from creations of artworks to structures on single player as well as multi player maps. Other highly interesting features include redstone circuits for remote actions and logic computations, minecarts, tracks, the mysterious underworld known by the name “the Nerth”. Though the game is hugely based upon constructing various structures and materials, the end goal still remains to travel to “the End”, an alternate dimension and face Ender the dragon to defeat.

The game includes a huge array of landscapes such as plains, water bodies, mountains and biomes ranging from deserts to snowfields. The game may have limitations vertically; however, horizontally the game seems to be virtually endless. Hence, it is endless fun to play such a game. However, game lags could be a serious offset and greatly decrease the joy of playing minecraft. This could be due to several reasons one such reason being a sluggish computing or gaming system. This may also be due to the corruption of the game data files stored on the hard disk.

In such a case, it is possible that your data files get erroneous and your gameplay distorted due to loss of save games. You may have spend hours on creating your own world and would not want such a terrible thing to ruin the fun of gaming. This is the reason it is always wise to keep the backup of the save game files so that you never have to cry upon a lost world.

Minecraft saves backup

Backing up your minecraft save games is easy. All you need to do is on your Xbox go to system settings – storage – memory – games – minecraft - copy and select where you wish to place your save games preferably on an external disk to restore at a later point. If you play minecraft on your PC then you may well find the saves folder under the program files for minecraft and copy it to a safe location.