Preparing for Windows 8 Backup With Paragon Software

Image Backup for Windows 8 is one of those backup tools that need not much figuring out. As odd as that past sentence may sound, the point is, it does exactly what it should – it backs up data on Windows 8 machines.

We’re slowly transitioning to a new OS platform, making it essential to be prepared for new issues, and having compatible software that will do exactly what we expect them to do.

In Microsoft history, we know well-enough that compatibility issues with backup software have led to a series of issues ranging from corrupt backed-up data (basically useless) data to applications crashing right in the middle of the process. Therefore, having OS-updated software becomes essential.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Paragon’s backup solution – first, for previous Paragon users – you will immediately notice the interface and fit right in. Paragon is generally known for its intuitive software design and a technical approach to the problem (i.e. design to fit the form, not form to fit the design).

That makes accomplishing the task a lot easier compared to other applications on the market. The only issue is that the application is a bit too cut-down. Compared to other free tools from Paragon, this one seems a bit empty in terms of advanced features, and there isn’t much to explore in terms of options.

Some might consider this as a feature (reducing the time required to figure out the perfect option for a certain task) however it can be a little bit unnerving at times

Things aren’t so bad in the Backup Wizard set. There are plenty of useful configurations, and with an efficient use of filtering system, one can find that it supports VSS, one can split files into separate equally-sized parts and so on. It’s not completely barren of features, it could just use a little more here and there.