How To Backup To Amazon Cloud With Gladinet Cloud Desktop Now

You are an Amazon customer and have opted to use the free 5 GB of space that Amazon is offering with their Amazon Cloud. You have been on the website backing up your documents, music and pictures.

Then you start to consider that Amazon Cloud is a virtual service meaning with the server goes down you have no access to your backed up items. Or if something were to happen to Amazon and they lose their database information then you will lose everything and Amazon will not be able to restore what you have lost.

Now is the time to fix the possible issue. Gladinet Cloud Desktop Now is an application you can use to back up your Amazon Cloud.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Now

This is a program that allows you to backup all of your Amazon Cloud files. Not many applications have the ability to backup Amazon Cloud, and even fewer have the capability of mapping Amazon Cloud Drive. Here on Gladinet Could Desktop Now you have the ability to map the local computer system.

So how do you back up your Amazon Cloud files you may be asking? First you will want to download Gladinet Cloud Desktop Now. You can go to their website, and download the program you see that is fit for your needs. There are several different options for you to choose from and they all offer a free trial for you to test drive the application before purchasing.

After you get your Gladinet Cloud Desktop application loaded to your computer it is time to get your Amazon Cloud files backed up. You surely do not want to lose any of your documents, music or pictures to an accident.

So here is what you need to do, you will need to open up the Gladinet Cloud Desktop application. From the Virtual Directory Name tab you will choose the Amazon Cloud Drive from the drop down menu beside the Storage provider option.

Next you will fill in your username and password for your Amazon account, these are used to establish a connection with your Amazon service. Next you should be able to see what you have available on Amazon for backup with Gladinet Cloud Desktop application.

You will simply select everything or whatever it is you want to backup and hit the finish button. Next Gladinet Cloud will then proceed to backup all of your Amazon files.

Now when you go into your “my computer” option on your computer you will see that you have a new z drive labeled My Gladinet Drive. Here you will have your Amazon Cloud stored right on your computer allowing you to move your files, add files, delete files, and even create new folders where you see fit.

You now have your Amazon Cloud backed up with Gladinet Cloud Desktop with the ability to manage it on your computer. Do not forget that if you keep adding files to your Amazon Cloud files you will want to also continue to do backups on your Gladinet Cloud Desktop application.

That way if something should happen to your Amazon Cloud account you will have the most recent files and will be able to restore everything back to the account without having to redo anything.