How to backup your data in Linux using Image for Linux Software?

Image for Linux 2.00 is very reliable program used for taking image backup in Linux OS. Taking the backup and restoring the backup is very simple job using this software. This software works in Linux environment but we can backup any partition including those from Windows and DOS too. This software contains feature using which we can restore the backup file from any mount point. NTFS, FAT32, and FAT files can also be accessed using this software. This software works with RAID hardware (on board).

System requirements

  • PC IBM compatible ( Version i386 or further)
  • RAM 64MB
  • Linux OS (Recommended: LINUX KERNEL 2.6)
  • External Hard Disk 

Taking the Backup  

Step 1

In Linux OS go to the Main Menu and select the option Backup and click the Next command button. Shown in Fig.1;     

Image for Linux 2.00

Figure.1 Option Selection Dialogue Box

Step 2


In the next dialogue box select type of Backup. Click the command button Next. As shown in the Fig.2;

Image for Linux 2.00

Fig.2 Type Of Backup Selection Dialogue Box

Step 3

After you click Next, in the preceding dialogue box select the Source Drive from where you have to take the backup of. Shown in Fig.3  

Image for Linux 2.00

Figure.3 Backup From Dialogue Box

Step 4

In the next dialogue box select the destination where the back up file is to be stored. As shown in Fig.4; 

Image for Linux 2.00

Figure.4 Destination Selection Dialogue Box

Step 5

In the next dialogue box select the option you want in the option list. You can select the compression type. If you have to secure the backup data with password give the password in the Password option. If you have to add any description to the file type the same in description text bar. As shown in Fig.5. After the selections click command button Finish.  

Image for Linux 2.00

Figure.5 Option Selection Dialogue Box

Step 6 

For restoring the file select the Restore option in Fig.1. The dialogue box shown below will be seen. Select the option you want to apply to the restore process from the Options list. In Resize After Restore you can set the file size after restore.   

Image for Linux 2.00

Figure.6 Restore Dialogue Box 

Image for Linux 2.00 had made it easy to the Linux users for taking backup of system data in case of system crashes.