How to make Google account backup

If you thought about the spoil of having your Google account disabled or hijacked like with the script susceptibility that left one designer totally out of the ring—it might be time to do incredible to make sure all your Google gear can't be taken away in one fell swoop. The Goggle Operating System blog recommends a few steps to ensure nonstop access to your web apps, such as cloning your mail into a fresh account, sharing Google Calendar and Reader, and creating extra authorized accounts.

You just want to back up your mail, e-mails? Then you have to follow some simple steps to ensure that your mails will be secure. In the mail settings there is a setting where you find all that I told you how you can do this by simple steps. This facility is so easy to use that you love it when you done it. 

Gmail Account

So go to the setting there you see a categories forwarding and POP screenshot marked A just select that category beside that you find two boxes. In first box you have to enter your alternate E-mail id in which you want to store all your mails in backup. After completing this action all your mail mailed on both mails.

You can access your mails on both e-mail IDs Below box set that record on keep mail’s copy in Inbox. By this you can store your mail back up in a mail account where your mails are secure. So if your mail is hacked and can’t access your mail. You can find your mail in the backup mail Id. This can make your mail secure from the hackers and have a peace of mind for all your mails.

This is an easy as eating burger. So every one can do it for your mails and be ready for any hacking in future.