IM-History: An Automated Backup Solution for Your Messengers Chat History

The most important aspect behind writing this tutorial is to provide basic idea about how to backup messenger Chat history, contacts and many more. IM-History is a unique web solution that enables all instant Messenger users to save our contacts and chat history from various supported messenger like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Trillian, ICQ, AIM, Pidgin and Miranda and provides easy access their chat histories online. I prefer more because there is no need to install any plug-in.

Features of IM-History

  1. Save history in reliable storage space using secured channel,
  2. Backup all your contacts from supported Messengers,
  3. One-click configuration - all messengers and accounts are detected automatically,
  4. Allows you to work from multiple computers having same access,
  5. Access your messaging history from anywhere across the globe,

How IM-History Works?

IM History Client Suite stores chat history, contacts from your instant messengers to server and gives you one-click access to your saved history. IM-History is especially designed for organizing and searching your contacts and chat history.

Click on the Download page of the IM-History web browser to download this application for windows and Linux Users.User-friendly installation wizard helps a lot to install the application. After installation of this utility, using One-click configuration - all messengers and accounts are detected automatically as shown in image below.


It runs in tray bar to backup or save all your messages and contacts on the IM-History servers using a secured channel. Disable messengers option allows you if you don’t want to be saved by IM-history for secure conversation.

IM-History Online Service - friendly web-interface provides easy access to Messenger data and can be accessed from IM-history Browser. Simply login to access your Saved messages from anywhere and view all your chat histories and contacts.


Don’t worries all your chat histories are secured and encrypted at the server end so; you can save your personal messaging histories as well. I will provide more function of this application in the next article.