How to backup your files in Windows 7?

There are plenty of backup software for Windows. We can use simple freeware backup applications for backing up the files or complete backup solutions to create different backup types of whole disc partition. What does the Windows 7 operating system offer?

Try new freeware alternative to iTunes

CopyTrans team released a new CopyTrans Manager. Another software from this vendor is well known to all readers. Using the CopyTrans software you can backup all the data from your iPod without installing the iTunes software. Check the video showing up the new CopyTrans Manager. It's not a backup tool, but I think it could be interested for you. It's an iTunes alternative (or iPod/iPhone manager) that enables iPhone and iPod users to add music, videos, podcasts to their favorite devices. Copytrans Manager also allows to create and manage playlists,edit song tags, play music and display artworks to name a few.

How to back up your data using common options

Data on your computer is the most critical thing you can own – I mean, think about it, it is hard to replace it (sometimes even impossible) and it can be important for numerous people. Let us assume that you keep all your financial records on your computer, and that a computer crash erases them all – you will need to make numerous trips to your financial attorney, ask him how you should deal with this situation before you start developing problems with your state.

CopyTrans 3 is out: backup for all iPod players and iPhones

I mentioned the previous version of CopyTrans earlier this year. This unique backup solution for iPod and iPhone owners offers great and simple way to backup all your data from these players and phones. Now, the new better version is available.

If you are using the iPod, iPod Touch or the iPhone (did you heard about the new firmware 3.0 already?), you should think about backing up your data. Or do you want to loose your photos, contacts, music etc.? Beware of robbery…

Learning how to Backup your vBulletin and SQL Database

Backup is very important especially if you are the administrator of an important website. In case of a catastrophe, all the content of your website will be removed, therefore all that you and your users have worked on for a given period can be considered lost. Since backup is very important in order to assure a certain degree of peace of mind, within the article we shall discuss about how to backup your vBulletin database, and how to backup your SQL database.

How to Backup Files on Your PowerBook

The first thing we have to discuss within this article is what is a PowerBook? (However, since you stumbled upon this article you probably already know this) Mainly, the PowerBook is Apple’s replacement for the typical desktop computer. Frankly, I find that a laptop in my office is more useful than a full sized computer because it takes less space and if it is truly important, I can carry it out at any time and finish my work.

How to backup before using CCleaner

Back in the old days data was not as hard to preserve, however hard to distribute. Nevertheless, if papers were stored at the right temperature and written with the right pen, there would not be the problem of data loss but if hazards should occur (fire, flood etc). Nowadays, things are a bit more different – in other words, data can be easily modified under the action of viruses, worms, remote access and so on.

How to calculate UPS battery backup

It is nearly impossible to know when the next power outage will occur and frankly, they can be rather damaging unless you have the tendency to save your work every 2 minutes. I remember I have been working on this Photoshop file for nearly two hours, and a power outage came and erased everything I worked on – the next day I went to the market and bought an UPS. Now, before I bore you with useless stories let us see what you can find within this article:

Spam, comments, user profiles and other changes

A few minutes ago I have removed old inactive user accounts. All users who never logged in for time longer than 2 weeks are out.

Because there is a still more and more useless comments spamming with links to some URLs, I did these changes:
1. Unregistered users couldn't provide the link to their homepage
2. All registered users having their homepage link in their profiles will have this link in their comments now, but only as 'www' text.

So this is a bonus for all people who will register on this website.

The last change I did today is showing the users avatars in their comments.

Useful tips about How to backup Drupal installation

Drupal is one of the big three CMS. Together with WordPress and Joomla offers a complete solution to build a working website in a few hours with minimum knowledge about PHP, HTML or CSS. If you already run a few Drupal powered websites, you should think about its backups. Beware of hackers, server failures or your own errors.