CopyTrans 3 is out: backup for all iPod players and iPhones

I mentioned the previous version of CopyTrans earlier this year. This unique backup solution for iPod and iPhone owners offers great and simple way to backup all your data from these players and phones. Now, the new better version is available.

If you are using the iPod, iPod Touch or the iPhone (did you heard about the new firmware 3.0 already?), you should think about backing up your data. Or do you want to loose your photos, contacts, music etc.? Beware of robbery…

Yes, there is a synchronization between the computer and iPod/iPhone using the iTunes library, but why not to use the better and specialized backup application?

CopyTrans 3 comes after the five years from its first version. As the press release says, the third generation is the achievement of CopyTrans in keeping their iPod media safe.

Using the CopyTrans 3 you are able to backup all the music data. It is not about copying the files only, the backup process in CopyTrans also transfer the ratings, play counts, skip counts, date last played or album artworks + the rest of the iTunes fields.


On of the new features is fully-customizable list view. People are able to choose the columns they wish and place them wherever they want.

More information about the new CopyTrans 3 can be found at And if you are interested in the direct download, then go to the page.

Remember, there is my older review about CopyTrans 2 too.