Backed Up but Unable to Add New Content

My wife's Windows XP crashed. She hadn't backed anything up for several weeks so I used Linux to get in and copy some necessary files off to an external HD. I copied all the Outlook2007 files from the Docs&Settings folders. I re-installed Windows XP and Outlook 2007. Then I tried to import my Outlook files including the PST files and all the others. It would not import. Then I simply COPIED the files that I had saved over the existing PST and other files. Bingo! I had all the addresses and her thousands of e-mail messages and her Calendar. HOWEVER, I can't add anything new or Send and Receive e-mail or create a new account or add a Calendar event. I also can't Sync with Google Calendar. Nothing. Is there a fix for this?

I did make sure that the files that I back-copied were not read-only or protected in some way.That didn't work. I get a feeling that there is a Registry issue.