Before buying the backup software

Many a time you may think that backup software are just designed to make the data backup process of your computer simple. But in many backup software available now a day’s just backup is not the only feature available but many more add on features. So following article will act as a guideline for buying backup software which best soot’s your requirement. 

The Available Functions

While checking the functions it is always better to first list out our needs. You must have answers to following questions. The type of data you want to backup, i.e. does that data contain only the files or OS too. Then are you going to backup just one computer or the whole network. Also what type of backup you are working on, incremental, full, or mirror backup.

Type of Compression the Software Offers 

Many backup software available now days are implemented with in built compression technique. You will have to think over it, if you are going to use the software for daily backup of your data then software with compression technique is the option you must opt for. As uncompress files will take lots of space. But if you have to take a temporary backup of your data for reinstalling the OS of your PC then no need to spend more on the software which has in built compression technique.

The Flexibility provided by the Software 

Backup software comes with hoard of feature such as auto scheduling, taking the backup of edited document. But some backup software are there who has the ability to perform the backup job in the background without disturbing our current work. So you will always opt for such software so check weather the feature is available with the software if it is required by you.

The Software Media Compatibility 

This choice is basically based on data storage media availability with you. If you have all the available Medias such as USB drives, CD/DVD, external hard drives, and then you will choose backup software which is compatible with the media available with you. But if you don’t have the media discussed above then choose the software which provides compatibility to just the available media you have.

Usability of the Software 

Much backup software contains complex procedures for taking the backup. The interface provided is also complex for the beginners. So don’t choose such software which will make the backup procedures complex enough to be understood by the beginners.

Prices of the Software

This is the parameter which is totally depended on the scale on which this software is been used. If you are using the software on commercial basis then it is always better to buy one of the software along with its licenses. But if you are using the software for individual use many software which are available for free will fulfill your needs.

Keeping all the points discussed above go for a backup software which is suitable for you from all the point of views, and your satisfaction is the most important thing.