How Automated Website Backups Give You Peace of Mind

Online data backup is no longer a sweet concept but a rather necessary addition to your online business. Not only is it a breakthrough that you can depend on to secure your most important files, it is also a great time saver that allows you the space to do more productive activities.

Many of the benefits are obvious, and some you may not have really thought of. Compared to manual backups and other shorthanded methods, online backup automatically monitors and backs up your most crucial data in a remote server with unlimited storage. Automatic backup has 99.99% accuracy and compared to manual backup where human error is prevalent, you are always 100% safe with the latter.

Here are the main benefits of online backup:

More Security

Copying your most crucial data in yesterday’s technology has little value to you as it faces threats of theft, damage and any other form of compromise. On a daily basis, your computer faces a majority of risks. From fire, viruses, software failure, hardware, theft, breakage to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc.

When your main machine faces these kind of threats, and you have efficiently backed up, you can rest easy with the knowledge that all your crucial information and data is recoverable in a matter of clicks.

Faster Recovery

In the event of a crisis, a crash or any other form of compromise, the value of quality backup is easily demonstrated. The best online backup solutions in the industry are capable of recovering crucial data in a short period of time. Recovering your data at the time you need it the most is the biggest advantage of a backup option.

I have tried and tested many backup options and I found varying speeds for recovery. If you are unfamiliar to online backups, you can have a 14 day free trial yourself to see how it works out for your website.

Automated Backup

Manual backup is a commonly used method but just like any other human activity, human error is prevalent and the owner tends to forget important backup and the result may be regrettable. Luckily, modern online backup solutions like CodeGuard, provide fully automated and scheduled monitoring and backup and a one click restoration feature.

Data Versioning

While a manual backup may work for some people, there are the limitations that come with this method. Versioning is one of the harder tasks to achieve manually. A quality online backup solution, monitors and backs up data ready for installation at the time of convenience. This method provides real value especially when you are working on something that regularly updates itself. Data versioning helps you determine whether a document was overwritten, moved, renamed or deleted.


This is another great feature that is not really doable via manual backup. The best online backup solutions give you the ability to synch data with different devices. This makes work very easy when you can easily start a project on a desktop, develop it on the laptop and present it on a tablet. Such amazing productivity tools come in handy.

Saves time and is affordable

Manual back up is outright expensive. As common requirements, you have to buy all the necessary drives and backup media, and after that, you have to start worrying about maintenance, operational costs and upgrading. Numbers show that online data backups save a lot of time thanks to the aforementioned features. For any size of company and small business, subscribing to a digital online backup service goes a lot way to saving big bucks.

Peace of mind

An online backup plugin service lets you go on about your business with the knowledge that your most crucial data is in the best hands.

With CodeGuard, enjoy a feature rich experience which can cater up to 50 websites with a 5GB storage at $5 a month, on top of daily backups and a one click automatic restore option. Of course, you can upgrade to more resources in accordance to your needs.

No matter your tech skill level, CodeGuard is one of the simplest to work with. Within a few clicks, their system gives you full details for every backup made.

It is impossible to measure the value of peace of mind that you get with online backup. Not having to worry all the time about data loss because you have taken necessary measures, is deeply relaxing.

Investing in a quality online backup solution is securing the future of your online venture.