How to backup your Blog at BLOGBackupONLINE?

BLOGBackupONLINE is a web application using which you can backup all your Blog that too online. Manually backing up your Blog is very tedious job and complex too. The only thing you have to do is to register free to the website with some clicks. Then you have to register your blogs over there and become worry free, as this website takes daily backup of your blogs and maintain the data base. 

Backing up your data using BlogBackupOnline 

Taking the backup comprises of just three steps; 

  1. Sign Up.
  2. Register the Blog you want to backup.
  3. And you blogs are backed up daily.  

For registering at BLOGBackupONLINE click here you can see the registration window as shown in Fig.1;  


Figure.1 Registration Window 

After you register for the account then sign in with your ID. Then you have to register your blog by clicking the command button Add a new blog to backup Shown in window of Fig.2. After you click the button you will be asked to enter the URL of your blog as in Fig.3. After you enter the URL click Register blog command button  


Figure.2 Registering Your Blog  


Figure.3 Entering the URL of your Blog 

After your blog is registered the screen in Fig.4 will appear saying you that each day your blog will be backed up. You can take the Full Backup by just clicking the Full Backup command button.


Figure.4 Registration Success Window 

Restoring Your Backed up Blog in BLOGBackupONLINE

For restoring your blog go to dash board and click the command button Manage, for the blog you want to restore. As shown in Fig.5;  


Figure.5 Option Selection for Restoring 

In the manage dashboard you have to select the Restore tab. In the restore tab you have to enter the URL of your blog. Choose the type of blog and click Next. As shown in Fig.6; 


Figure.6 Entering the URL and choosing the Blog Type 

In the preceding window you will get the list of all the entries with the date of poet. You have to select the entries and click the Load blog entries command button. Then you will be asked for user name and Password. After the entry all your selected blogs will be restored. As shown in Fig.7;  


Figure.7 Selection of the Entries List

BLOGBackupONLINE has made the blog backup and restore procedure simple and user friendly. The interface provided is wizard type so even a use with little knowledge of internet can use it.