How to take backup your data using BounceBack Express?

Don’t worry about your important data stored in your PC, just install BounceBack Express and let it take care of your important data. You can also protect your music libraries and digital images. This software is perfect for your personal use and small business. You can also back up your “Spare Drive” using this software. The backup files taken can be accessed on any PC. It also provides support for scheduling and multi backup sets.

Minimum System Requirements

  • RAM 256 MB
  • Hard Drive 36 MB
  • Internet Connection
  • Sufficient Hard Drive Space for taking backup.

Taking the Backup

In the opening window of the software select the option Add New Backup option as shown in Fig.1;

BounceBack Express

Figure.1 Opening Window Option Selection

When you select the option, Backup Set Editor wizard gets open. Here in each section you have to set each option as asked to you, shown in Fig.2;

BounceBack Express

Figure.2 Backup Set Editor Window

If you want to schedule the backup click the Schedule command button in the Backup Set Editor Window. Set the timings as per your requirements. Shown in Fig.3;

BounceBack Express

Figure.3 Backup Schedule Editor

Restoring the Backed up data

For taking the backup click the Restore command button in the opening window of Fig.1. After you click the command button the Restore wizard is opened as shown in Fig.4 below;

BounceBack Express

Figure .4 Restore Wizard

In left hand side of the window just browse to the path where your backup files are stored. All the backup files are added to the right side of the wizard as shown in Fig .4. Select all the files and click the Restore command button on the top.

BounceBack Express

Image.5 Restore Option dialogue Box

As you click the restore button a restore option dialogue box opens. Select the option as per your requirements and click Ok.

When the restore is over it will show the overall progress status as shown in Fig.6 below;

 BounceBack Express

Figure.6 Restore Operation Status Dialogue Box 

BounceBack Express is very user friendly software which helps user in taking the system backup very easily. The Backup process is made very simple due to the interface provided to the users. So at time of system backup using BounceBack Express is the best available solution for the users.

Download the software in the link provided. Trial version is also available for users to test the software.