How To Back up Your Gmail Account

Many of us have important emails that we need to keep, or at least would like to keep. Many also have a business email account that holds many important files that are a necessity and you need to make certain you will never loose. That is where backup files come in.

Gmail Backups Made Simple

Gmail is an excellent web-based email service from Google. Gmail offers a clean interface into your inbox from your favorite web browser and a generous amount of storage space. Having all of your email stored remotely (on the Gmail servers) is convenient if you'd like to access your email from anywhere, but what if you wish to make a local backup of your inbox?

How to easily backup your Twitter, Facebook, Gmail account and more with Backupify

We all have many accounts on the Internet. We use many social networks, Gmail account, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr and other services. Have you ever think what could happen if these services will go down and some of the account will not be possible to restore? Your solution for this problem could be Backupify.

Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup is a small utility for backing up the Emails in your Gmail account. You can use it to download all the Emails from Google and save them as *.eml files. On Windows, you can open these files with Outlook Express. Also, Gmail Backup can restore these *.eml files to your Gmail account. It is similar to "uploading".