How to backup iPhone and iPod: CopyTrans as a complete solution

Data loss is a very annoying situation. Your computer has crashed or your external drive needs maintenance, how will you get your favorite songs and videos back? That is why iPhone and iPod backups are necessary.

What if your music, movies and photos are still on your iPod/iPhone and you don’t know how to put them back into iTunes? As a synchronization tool, iTunes does not allow to transfer songs, videos, playlists from iPod to computer.

To do so, you will need a dedicated software – CopyTrans from WindSolutions.

The CopyTrans Suite contains several applications to back up your data from the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Besides the backup, the CopyTrans Suite allows to transfer songs, videos, photos, playlists, metadata to your iTunes library. It also includes iPod disk repair as well as iPod music and iTunes libraries management.


CopyTrans – rebuild iTunes library from the iPod/iPhone

When you install the CopyTrans Suite, you will see six applications within the all-in-one user interface. All of them could be started from there using the CopyTrans Control Center. The first is the main recovery tool – CopyTrans. This application is intended to transfer your iPod songs, videos, podcasts, playlists and other files (album artworks, ratings and metadata) iTunes or to a folder on your computer.


To me, the CopyTrans user interface offers the same user experience as iTunes does. You can select your iPhone/iPod, browse all the playlists and tracks and backup them onto your computer or to iTunes in one click. A search engine is provided too.

CopyTrans Photo – backup your photos from the iPhone

Since the iPhone has an integrated digital camera you can take photos anytime and anywhere. Backup them as soon as possible. You never know when you can loose your iPhone or when something bad could happen to it. CopyTrans Photo is the second app from the suite and offers easy backup system and synchronization features for your iPhone photos.

As soon as you start the CopyTrans Photo you see three panels:

  • iPhone photos
  • your Picture folder
  • tree structure for easy navigation

The synchronization buttons are here to help you to transfer your favorite images to your computer and to your iPhone/iPod. You can start a slideshow too.

iLibs – create iTunes Libraries and manage several iPods/iPhones on the same computer

The third application is a helper for everyone who would like to create and manage iTunes Libraries. It is also a life saver for a family that would like to manage separately Mommy’s iPod and Kids’ iPods on the same computer.

For this app the installation of iTunes is necessary and you will get a user-friendly interface to manage your favorite songs and movies.

How to backup iPod completely? With iCloner.

If you are looking for an immediate backup solution and you don’t need synchronization of your files, then iCloner is right here for you. Start it and select the connected iPod. Click the Browse button and select a folder where your iPod backup will be saved. You can use Advanced options and turn the compression on.


The restore process is very easy too. Just select the saved backup file and the iPod device you would like to restore.

CopyTrans Manager – fast and lightweight iTunes

For those who want a fast and smooth iTunes alternative, you can use CopyTrans Manager to manage the tunes on your iPod and iPhone. It is a lightweight iPod music manager which starts very fast and allows you to to add, organize and listen all your favorite songs.

CopyTrans Doctor – recover lost songs from your iPod

The last but not the least application from the CopyTrans Suite is very helpful. In case of accidental music loss on your iPod, CopyTrans Doctor will assist you in the recovery of the lost songs. And if you experience some problems with the iPod disk, CopyTrans Doctor will try to fix them for you.


Try the CopyTrans Suite for free. You can download it from