CopyTrans Contacts: how to backup iPad and iPhone contacts

CopyTrans Contacts: how to backup iPad and iPhone contacts

The new app from CopyTrans offers simple edition and backup your iPhone contacts, also iPad or any other iOS device without iTunes or iCloud.

How to Transfer and backup Apps from your computer to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Do you need to backup the iPhone or any other iOS powered device? You can use the default software from Apple – iTunes. There are also some alternatives. CopyTrans Manager for example. Its newest version supports drag and drop and besides the music and photos also supports the apps.

CopyTrans Manager: first free iTunes compatible with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S

If you are regular reader of Backup HowTo, you surely know the CopyTrans Manager, the freeware alternative to iTunes. Now, there is a good news for users who upgraded to iOS 5 or just buying the new iPhone 4S. CopyTrans Manager is now compatible with them.

CopyTrans Contest: win the new iPad 2, iPhone 4 or some iPods

CopyTrans, a software company making backup and synchronizing software for iPad, iPhone or iPod gives you the chance to win the new iPad 2 and one of the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 32 GB and iPod Nano 16 GB. Check the CopyTrans "YouTube Video Contest".

Free iTunes alternative? Try CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is free alternative to iTunes, which allows you to fully manage your iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. This Windows software can be helpful in many needs you would like to do with these devices. Starting from the end of August 2010, CopyTrans Manager is fully compatible with iPhone 4 and the iPad.

How to turn off iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backup in iTunes

Sometimes the backup functionality built in Apple iTunes is not welcome when you connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the computer. In this case you will find useful small app which is able to completely turn off syncing and backup in iTunes.

How to backup Apple iPad

Apple iPad, the tablet and nice piece of designer work. This extremely addictive tablet is a computer like any other in its basics. This means it can crash one day (is there anyone with broken down iPad?). So you should be sure all your data from the iPad are backed up. The other reason for Apple iPad backup is saving your apps which you have paid for. Fortunately, iPad backup is very easy to do.