How to backup iPhoto

How to backup iPhoto

It is highly advisable that you backup iPhoto either to a disc or a drive if you really want to be on the safe side. Doing so helps you to ensure that you don’t suffer a devastating experience when your computer crashes as you are sure that your highly treasured photos won’t be lost.

How To Back-up Digital Camera Firmware Before Updating

Many brands for digital cameras suggest that you need to back-up everything that is on your camera to begin with before doing any kind of update. Sometimes unforeseen events could cause you to lose everything.

Effective Backup Principles For Photographers

Being a photographer is a tough business to begin with. When a photographer loses their pictures then they lose their whole business. Lost pictures are lost money and time and that is something a photographer just cannot afford. Here are a few simple backup techniques to keep your photos safe and keep you in business.

Verbatim PhotoSave DVD: how to backup your photos in three easy steps

I don’t remember how long time ago Verbatim released its nice tool for Windows beginners worldwide, but my first look at this DVD was about a half year ago. Verbatim PhotoSave DVD is a special blank 4,7 GB DVD medium which contains a backup software for the photos and other pictures in your computer. As it works with three clicks, it is ideal for the beginners or for not so advanced users.