How to backup Windows registry with RegShot

In a world filled with backup solutions, you’d think there isn’t space for another application. Think again though – RegShot has the advantage of being both free and open-source, not to mention an excellent solution if you’re looking for an application that does just that – backup your registry.

Windows Registry Backup

Every time you install a new application on your Windows computer, the application will most likely make changes to a huge application database called the "Windows Registry". Think of the Windows Registry as a large collection of application and system settings and configurations. When the Windows Registry is in decent health, Windows is happy and runs smoothly.

How to backup registry in Windows 7?

Why you should backup registry? Every time you install a new application or game to your computer you risk. You risk the incompatibility with the current registry keys made by other applications. The same applies for running some cleaning software. Since the registry backup is very easy in Windows 7, you are a step away from keeping your system in a good condition.

How to backup before using CCleaner

Back in the old days data was not as hard to preserve, however hard to distribute. Nevertheless, if papers were stored at the right temperature and written with the right pen, there would not be the problem of data loss but if hazards should occur (fire, flood etc). Nowadays, things are a bit more different – in other words, data can be easily modified under the action of viruses, worms, remote access and so on.

Backing up and Restoring Registry in Windows

Windows registry maintains lots of information about your operating system. For example, it records the installed software, whether or not the CDROM can play automatically, etc. Many softwares add some information into the registry during their installation, or change some items. Sometimes it will cause some problems. For example, some softwares cannot run. Perhaps it is because the registry is damaged. Therefore, if you have backed up the Windows registry, you can try to restore it. Maybe it can solve the problems.