Backing up with Norton 360 5.0

Norton 360 is a complete security and backup solution for home users. It protects your files against malware, secures the network communication and backups your files to local storages or to the internet. Which news comes with Norton 360 5.0?

Norton 360 4.0: web accessible online storage and Norton Tiki

Security and backup application Norton 360 from Symantec brings in its 4.0 version some new features. Since we are website about data backup, the most important news in Norton 360 4.0 for us is the web access to secure online storage. You can also download and search your files via the smartphones and the small application called Norton Tiki.

Backup with Symantec Norton 360

Symantec utilities are well-known security software. However one of them, Norton 360, is not only security software. It is also a backup utility with ability to store your backup data using secure online storage. You can easily backup your pictures, documents, contacts, music, videos, emails, internet favorites and other files or folders. You have 2 GB space for your online backup, not too much. However you can backup to another disc or burn your data backup onto a CD/DVD too.