How to backup Windows registry with RegShot

In a world filled with backup solutions, you’d think there isn’t space for another application. Think again though – RegShot has the advantage of being both free and open-source, not to mention an excellent solution if you’re looking for an application that does just that – backup your registry.

How to create custom backup mage for Windows 8 Refresh PC feature

Windows 8 offers many new features. Regarding the backup there is a nice option to set the system to the state after the installation. Using Refresh PC you can bring back the stable system state without modifying your data. There is also a special trick to create custom image to be used via Refresh PC in Windows 8.

Windows Registry Backup

Every time you install a new application on your Windows computer, the application will most likely make changes to a huge application database called the "Windows Registry". Think of the Windows Registry as a large collection of application and system settings and configurations. When the Windows Registry is in decent health, Windows is happy and runs smoothly.

Backup Partitions in Windows

Most of the time, when Windows is installed, all of its system files that make up the operating system are dumped onto a single hard drive partition (C: drive by default). This is the easiest way to install Windows.

Backing Up With Windows Briefcase

The Windows Briefcase feature has been around for a long time, but a lot of users don't take advantage of this feature because they don't know what it does or don't see how Briefcase makes backing up and synching all your important files a snap to do.

Sure, you can manually save all your documents onto a flash drive from your desktop computer, but every time you make a change to a document on your desktop you have to remember to backup to the flash drive; it becomes cumbersome to do this manually over and over again.

Established Facts on backing up your Windows XP: 10 important facts

Every business enterprise that deals with maintaining budgets, programming, data entry, and anything of the like will have a network of computers at their disposal. These machines will most likely all be running under the same operating system in this case, Windows XP, the thing all of these machines will have in common is that occasionally you may need to back up your systems and it can be a hassle around the office.

Backing up and Restoring Registry in Windows

Windows registry maintains lots of information about your operating system. For example, it records the installed software, whether or not the CDROM can play automatically, etc. Many softwares add some information into the registry during their installation, or change some items. Sometimes it will cause some problems. For example, some softwares cannot run. Perhaps it is because the registry is damaged. Therefore, if you have backed up the Windows registry, you can try to restore it. Maybe it can solve the problems.