Back-up Your Android Data Before You Regret Not Doing So

All kidding aside, backing up any technological pursuits you may own is a must if you want to keep all of your most important files safe and intact. Too many times have people wiped their computers or mobile devices and forgotten to back up their documents. One of the biggest reasons for this clear and present danger is the fact these people aren’t sure how they should backup their files as no one ever told them, but now that’s about to change.

Backing Up Your Apple Machine Using The Time Machine

Usually when a company sets out to release something new like a phone, a computer, or any other technologically hip new devices they can come up with they don’t give you any backup applications or programs that will help you out in case of a system restoration emergency. All of that is about to change with the Time Machine backup utility

How to backup your iTunes Library onto an external hard drive?

It’s obvious that keeping iTunes library backups is mandatory to avoid data loss in case of a computer crash. But, doing backups with iTunes means that you have to stay beside the computer for many hours to change the Backup-DVDs about every 20 minutes.

How To Speed Your iPhone’s Back-up Process: Is your iPhone backing up too slow? Let’s speed it up!

Are you an Apple or Windows user who hates the hassle of backing up his or her iPhone? I know I do, it can be a real pain, but there is a glimmer of hope for all of us. Sometimes we just need to learn to let go of certain files in the backup process even if we want them, but if they’re not used, what’s the point? Here are a few tips on speeding up your iPhone’s backup protocols.

CopyTrans Contest: win the new iPad 2, iPhone 4 or some iPods

CopyTrans, a software company making backup and synchronizing software for iPad, iPhone or iPod gives you the chance to win the new iPad 2 and one of the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 32 GB and iPod Nano 16 GB. Check the CopyTrans "YouTube Video Contest".

The Ultimate Guide To Back-up: How To Back-up Your Precious Files In No-Time

Every person that owns a computer or other technological achievement knows all too well the burden of backing up their systems. There’s quite an extensive procedure to follow when backing up comes into play and a few decisions will have to be made to make it work right.

Backing up Your System: What Is The Appropriate Method For Your Computer

As PC users we have to deal with the hardships of owning a sometimes less than stellar rig. For this reason alone our systems tend to die if they are infected with a virus for downloading a bad file, or if space is limited and you simply need to do a memory wipe, these problems will require a system restoration or what I, and others, would call a system reboot. Now before you reboot your system, you have to back up your files because if you do not you will lose everything on that hard drive.

Sometimes they go bad… Or How to Restore a Corrupted Back-up

You’re in the middle of backing up your system and in preparations for a restoration and suddenly everything crashes in an instant. You don’t know why it happened, it just happened, you go back into those same folders and try again but than an error messages pops up and tells you whatever gibberish they want to let you know the files you were just using have gone corrupt. Now, the reason for this is beside the point, but there is hope for these files, and that hopes lies with a corruption-repair program.

Ubuntu Backup – Linux Back-up For Beginners (How To Back-up Your Ubuntu System)

Ubuntu is a Linux system that many people use to store information, but the one thing that escaped most peoples mind is the process of backing up this system if something goes wrong. Ahead we will discuss exactly what method you could use if you choose on how exactly to properly backup this system but this will clearly be up to you and in no way do you have to take what’s said here by heart. Let’s begin.

Established Facts on backing up your Windows XP: 10 important facts

Every business enterprise that deals with maintaining budgets, programming, data entry, and anything of the like will have a network of computers at their disposal. These machines will most likely all be running under the same operating system in this case, Windows XP, the thing all of these machines will have in common is that occasionally you may need to back up your systems and it can be a hassle around the office.