Back-up Your Android Data Before You Regret Not Doing So

All kidding aside, backing up any technological pursuits you may own is a must if you want to keep all of your most important files safe and intact. Too many times have people wiped their computers or mobile devices and forgotten to back up their documents. One of the biggest reasons for this clear and present danger is the fact these people aren’t sure how they should backup their files as no one ever told them, but now that’s about to change.

Now, much like you would with your computer information, backing up your Android phone will require a bit of attention so as not to forget anything. Google, surprisingly, has a well working application that will let you back up your phone contacts onto your e-mail account.

What this means is that when you connect your phone up with your account, say, when you log onto the internet using your phone you can splice your e-mail contact information with your phone contact information, both have the ability to store not only the names and e-mail addresses of your contacts but also their phone numbers so you will never have to search around to find any misplaced numbers because it will already be available to you via your email account, and as long as that remains intact you can survive as many memory wipes as you wish and still save all your information.

Believe it or not, you’re applications could be at risk as well so backing them up is a must. And the funny thing is you need to use an application to save an application, go figure. One such application for saving other applications is the “Astro Application Manager” like any normal app you can acquire it via the Internet and what you will do once it’s installed is go to your droid’s tools section and click upon your newly acquired app and you will be prompted with a screen that will allow you to make choice.

These choices will give you the opportunity to choose any application on your system and back it up although you will have to pay close attention to the amount of space left in your back-up folder so only stick to the essential apps that most seemingly can’t live without. If you are planning a system reboot or an upgrade to another phone you may do the same thing to the back-up manager as you would any normal app, but if not it’s actually quite simple to just reinstall the manager when you need it again in the future.

The final teaching in backing up your Android phone is securing your system settings. Now most Android 2.0 users and beyond are blessed with the automatic restore functionality, which means every setting you had previously set-up will be retained the same way it was before after you went through with a system wipe. But the downside is, you guessed, the occasional errors, some users have complained that only some of their settings are restored as where others have complained that the auto.

Restore feature doesn’t work at all and they have to manually reprogram. The problem of this error unfortunately has not been officially rectified by Google themselves, the only recommendation they have to offer is re-synching the phone and doing it again to see if maybe your droid had an easily fixable malfunction. We can only hope Google will correct these issues in a future upgrade.

So now you know backing up your Android phone isn’t as daunting or time consuming a task as you may have thought, all it takes is a little persistence and you’re set for a reboot. Or you’re just set for that potential rainy day when you’ll end up needing a system reboot because of a virus attack, better safe than sorry.