How To Speed Your iPhone’s Back-up Process: Is your iPhone backing up too slow? Let’s speed it up!

Are you an Apple or Windows user who hates the hassle of backing up his or her iPhone? I know I do, it can be a real pain, but there is a glimmer of hope for all of us. Sometimes we just need to learn to let go of certain files in the backup process even if we want them, but if they’re not used, what’s the point? Here are a few tips on speeding up your iPhone’s backup protocols.

Get rid of those pictures!

I’ll assume by now you’re saying: “What? No way!” but just relax for one moment, I’m not saying you should get rid of all of your photos, period, no I’m not saying that all. There is a nifty little trick that will not only increase your speed but will even keep your photos alive and well; this will involve both your computer and your phone so connect whatever USB plug-in you have with your phone and computer and place all of your iPhone’s pictures into a file on your CPU but obviously make sure you’re doing this before you delete the photos from your iPhone. Once you’ve placed all the photos from your phone to your computer then end the transfer, exit out, and go back to your phone and simply delete all the photos you took. This will in no way affect the photos you just uploaded to your computer, this will ensure your pictures are safe and secure and will also free you boat loads of space on your phone. Once you’ve done this, the speed for backing up your iPhone will increase drastically.



Remove all unused material from your iPhone

Another method to boost the speed of a backup is simply deleting unused files and applications. A habit that I have as well as others is that we tend to keep around unnecessary bits and files that we either never or rarely use, to simply put it: you don’t need them. Don’t feel inclined to keep anything for the “semimetal value” especially if it’s A) Not important and B) One hundred percent unused. Of course always check the status of certain programs because you might be using it without even knowing it, but always make sure first. Along with your unused apps and files, delete any media related subjects as well. If you already caught up on your favorite TV shows, what’s the point in taking up space when it’s already over? Delete all the videos you no longer care about as that will significantly improve backup performance.

Backup your iPhone many times

One other reason you may be experiencing some heavy slow down while backing up your iPhone is simply because you don’t back it up enough. If too much time is wasted between each backup it will be a slower and slower process each time, this is most likely because your phone isn’t used to such “reformatting” of sorts so it takes a lot more time to get everything right. Make it a regular duty to back up your phone at least once or twice in a month to keep everything consistent and moving forward without problem.

Keeping all of the above in mind, all you have to do is search your system for anything that might not be of critical importance and simply remove it. Ultimately this will aid you in your significantly in your backing up process. Good luck!