How to backup Android (and HTC Hero) phone

A few days back I’ve got my first Android powered phone – HTC Hero. I have to say, it is much better than my Windows Mobile HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger. However I am not sure what is better – the touch screen or the Android system itself? Being the responsible user I immediately started searching the backup applications through the Android Market. There are the results.

Verbatim PhotoSave DVD: how to backup your photos in three easy steps

I don’t remember how long time ago Verbatim released its nice tool for Windows beginners worldwide, but my first look at this DVD was about a half year ago. Verbatim PhotoSave DVD is a special blank 4,7 GB DVD medium which contains a backup software for the photos and other pictures in your computer. As it works with three clicks, it is ideal for the beginners or for not so advanced users.

CopyTrans software winners

During the first fifteen days in July 2009 we have made a contest for CopyTrans software - an ultimate software suite to backup iPhone or iPod data. The winners are known already and we have contacted them via e-mail:

  • Angelo Shorees
  • Peter Kwok
  • Tuan-Anh Hoang-Vu
  • You have our congratulations and we believe you will come back to our site again.

    Tips to popular online backup services

    When it comes to backup we all know it is nearly mandatory, especially if you own sensitive data. Personally, I am a photographer and I have to backup most of my photographs weekly – and I find it as being mandatory, not necessarily because they are very important at that particular moment, but because in time I might go back to them, in order to refine my work.

    Pros and cons of disc image backup

    What is the first line one reads in just about any backup article out there? Backup is mandatory, no matter what. There are a million situations when people have forgotten about the backup option (note: they never considered it) and they lost data that was very important for their business or for their lives.

    How to backup internet favorites in different browsers

    Whenever we want to format our hard drive, or we change computers or we simply want to reinstall our operating system, we lose our favorites and bookmarks and it can become rather frustrating. Personally, I have been backing up favorites since 2002 and you can notice I have almost 7 years old bookmarks (and most of them are still useful).

    Looking for the best free backup utility

    Backup is mandatory nowadays, no matter if you run a business and you need to backup sensitive data or if you have a home computer and need to store all your important pictures. In a world of hazards (such as the computer world) where anything can fail at any moment, it is best to be prepared for the worst rather than let it happen and regret your choice later.

    The Truth about Tape Backup

    Remember when CRT displays were still popular and LCDs were quite expensive? You might not think this particular problem has anything to do with our given topic, however, allow me to expand. Back in the old days, CRT displays were all we had, and were quite a reliable way to control graphics. However, with technology developments, we reached a stage where we find CRT displays obsolete and quite harmful.

    First and only backup for iPhone OS 3.0

    A few days back we could see a new operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new iPhone OS 3.0 will be presented in a new iPhone 3GS and is available for current iPhone 3G owners for free. If you are using the iPod Touch, you can upgrade its OS to this new one for a small fee. But what about the data backup? There is about twenty competitors in iPod backups market, but the only one has the support for iPhone OS 3 as I know. Read more about CopyTrans 6 and CopyTrans Photo.

    NasBackup: reliable backup to a network location

    Network backup is one the the most reliable solutions I think. If you have a NAS server or a classic file server anywhere in your network, you can schedule your backup using open source utility called NasBackup.