How to backup SMS on Android

How to backup SMS on Android

It is a well known fact that every Android device comes with limited storage that can’t handle all your SMS and other data. Backing up your SMS on Android comes with the advantage of not only securing your SMS in case your Android device gets lost but also helps you free up more space on your device.

How to backup Android apps before hard reset

The android market or the Google play store is flooding with thousands of new applications, games and utilities for the android lovers each day enhancing their experience with the OS and attracting a million more.

Back-up Your Android Data Before You Regret Not Doing So

All kidding aside, backing up any technological pursuits you may own is a must if you want to keep all of your most important files safe and intact. Too many times have people wiped their computers or mobile devices and forgotten to back up their documents. One of the biggest reasons for this clear and present danger is the fact these people aren’t sure how they should backup their files as no one ever told them, but now that’s about to change.

How to backup Android (and HTC Hero) phone

A few days back I’ve got my first Android powered phone – HTC Hero. I have to say, it is much better than my Windows Mobile HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger. However I am not sure what is better – the touch screen or the Android system itself? Being the responsible user I immediately started searching the backup applications through the Android Market. There are the results.