Pros and cons of disc image backup

What is the first line one reads in just about any backup article out there? Backup is mandatory, no matter what. There are a million situations when people have forgotten about the backup option (note: they never considered it) and they lost data that was very important for their business or for their lives.

The Truth about Tape Backup

Remember when CRT displays were still popular and LCDs were quite expensive? You might not think this particular problem has anything to do with our given topic, however, allow me to expand. Back in the old days, CRT displays were all we had, and were quite a reliable way to control graphics. However, with technology developments, we reached a stage where we find CRT displays obsolete and quite harmful.

How to back up your data using common options

Data on your computer is the most critical thing you can own – I mean, think about it, it is hard to replace it (sometimes even impossible) and it can be important for numerous people. Let us assume that you keep all your financial records on your computer, and that a computer crash erases them all – you will need to make numerous trips to your financial attorney, ask him how you should deal with this situation before you start developing problems with your state.

How to calculate UPS battery backup

It is nearly impossible to know when the next power outage will occur and frankly, they can be rather damaging unless you have the tendency to save your work every 2 minutes. I remember I have been working on this Photoshop file for nearly two hours, and a power outage came and erased everything I worked on – the next day I went to the market and bought an UPS. Now, before I bore you with useless stories let us see what you can find within this article:

The very best of Backup HowTo 2008

The new year is here. Welcome. If you are not with us from the beginning I would like to remember you some of our best articles published during the first year of Backup HowTo’s live. We started in December 2007 as a small blog about data backup and grew into a website with more than 130 articles about data backup and backup software reviews.

Using Live Linux to Backup Files

If your operating system (e.g. Windows) is damaged and it can not start up any more, what should you do? I think the most things are your documents, photos, etc. Usually you can format the hard disk and reinstall the operating system. But all of your files will be removed. If you have backups there is no problem, just restore them after reinstalling operating system. But what if you haven't any backup? In this article I will show you how to backup files even if your operating system cannot run. The solution is using Live Linux.

Backing Up Data On Betting Software - Why It's So Important

Betting software has certainly helped a lot of people make a killing on the race course and other gambling venues. But there are some users who tend to forget that betting software needs special care in order to work at its optimum best. Many people grimace to see their computer systems crash and have lost valuable data, simply because they didn't back up their betting software. 

Three steps for a successful backup system

The best way ensure integrity of a company’s business depends crucially on security of its data! Power surges and disk failures are the major hindrances for data security. Now-a-days it is also not logical to maintain the hard copies of this data. Keeping hard copies surges you to other risks of data loss like fire and atmospheric damages. This being irretrievable loss, one needs to be absolutely considerate about the ways of data back up!

Before buying the backup software

Many a time you may think that backup software are just designed to make the data backup process of your computer simple. But in many backup software available now a day’s just backup is not the only feature available but many more add on features. So following article will act as a guideline for buying backup software which best soot’s your requirement. 

Differences between several methods of backup

Hard Drives are not very reliable for storing the data. They are very sophisticated, and can get damaged very easily. Some frequent reasons for corruption of hard drives are failure of hardware card controller or even the spindle mechanism failure. Even failure occurs due to crashing down of read write head and many more. So backup is the procedure used to save the data on the hard drive or any other data storage device.