The very best of Backup HowTo 2008

The new year is here. Welcome. If you are not with us from the beginning I would like to remember you some of our best articles published during the first year of Backup HowTo’s live. We started in December 2007 as a small blog about data backup and grew into a website with more than 130 articles about data backup and backup software reviews.

What you can find here? Use the top navigation. It will bring you the ‘how-to’ tips, software reviews, articles about online backup and more. You are welcome to post to our forum too. Feel free to ask others about your software.

Linux Backup

Why people love Linux? It is a stable system and it is free. However the most stable system could fail. There is a hardware damage possibility and human factor. We provide several backup tutorials for Linux, check the most popular of them:

Windows backup

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system. You should backup your data regularly to prevent the data loss. Keep them in secure place and be ready when your system fails. You will never have problems if you will backup together with our articles. We will show you up how to backup the system itself, how to backup some software or how to backup the disk.

Backup software

We have many backup software reviews. One of the most successful reviews is the Backup with Symantec Norton 360 article. Norton 360 is popular by the beginning users, offers an intuitive user interface and work well with Windows Vista.

Online backup

The online backup services can be divided to the two groups. The firsts online backup services will help you to save your data from the blogs. Another online backup services will store your data on remote and secured data storage. This is very useful to prevent your data from fire attack for example.

Backup tips

Most popular articles are short tips and tutorials about how to backup data or settings from favorite applications. I tried to select a few of this articles from our database:

Internet browsers backup

Why you should backup your web browsers? The are favorite URLs, stored passwords, auto complete forms and many others data you wouldn’t loss. We will help you with backup of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome too:

Other articles about backup

From time to time we offer articles for really beginners and articles for advanced users. We write about photography software which offer backup features and about PDA and smartphone’s backup. You can find articles about different types of backups and much more:

I wish you a happy new year 2009 without any software or hardware related problems. Hope you will never need to restore your backups.

We will continue with with the support using the articles. If you would like to join our editors team, let me know. I will pay for every each published article.