How to backup Firefox profile from Windows command line

Firefox has numerous add-ons and third party apps helping you back up its user profile. This contents your browsing history, cookies, stored passwords and other information about your Internet browsing. If you want to back up Firefox profile from Windows command line, try BAT file named Batckup Firefox.

Easy Firefox Backups With MozBackup

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular and stable web browser that gave Microsoft a run for their money (Internet Explorer) when it first hit the scene. It does everything a web browser is expected to do in this Web 2.0 era and a lot more too.

Mozilla Weave Sync: how to backup and synchronize your Firefox

A few days back the Mozilla Foundation released their long awaited Firefox extension called Weave Sync in its first stable version. Thanks to Weave Sync there is no need to think about how copy Firefox settings and data between two or more installations or how to securely backup them.

Backup Firefox bookmarks (and more) with Google Browser Sync

You never know when you computer goes wrong in the least suitable moment. Setting up a replacement computer may take several days before you remember what needs to be re-installed and configured. Try to prevent this kind of problems. If you are using the Firefox web browser try the Google Browser Sync extension which automatically backups the bookmarks, history, cookies and passwords to a remote Google servers.

How to backup Firefox data

Firefox is a revolutionary open source web browser that has redefined internet browsing. The coolest thing about Firefox is extensions. Extensions as their name suggests are something that extends Firefox’s functionality. There are loads of extensions available at developed by several people.

How to backup Firefox profile

Do you use the Firefox browser? It has a nice feature that allow you easy backup all of its data - your complete profile, including bookmarks, passwords, history, installed extensions or themes. All you need to do is copying its profile folders to another location. You can copy them to USB drive and back (e.g. if you reinstall you PC). There are different methods depending on your operating system.