IM-History: An Automated Backup Solution for Your Messengers Chat History

The most important aspect behind writing this tutorial is to provide basic idea about how to backup messenger Chat history, contacts and many more. IM-History is a unique web solution that enables all instant Messenger users to save our contacts and chat history from various supported messenger like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Trillian, ICQ, AIM, Pidgin and Miranda and provides easy access their chat histories online. I prefer more because there is no need to install any plug-in. The Online savior of your blogs online backup service for your blogs. If your blogs contains RSS feed then you can take the backup of your blogs using this service. This utility includes categories, pages, comments, full posts if your blog engine contains the Wordpress power. If no Wordpress then you can export the blogs to other sources. The images are also saved if the blogs contains the images. This utility also contains privacy policy so need to worry about data. 

Google Calendar Sync: Awesome Online Calendar by Google

Google Calendar Sync has a feature using which you can synchronize events Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. Once you synchronize these both you can verify the information flow direction and also the synchronization frequency can be determined. We know that we cannot synchronize events on our secondary calendar which is available. So Google Calendar Synccan synchronize events from our MS Outlook Calendar which is default and our Google Calendar which is primary. 

Windows Live FolderShare beta: Online Folder Sharing Made Easy

When it came to send a folder containing important data to your friends or colleges, each time you have to open your email attach each file in the folder or zip the folder and then send it. This process would take lots of our important time. But with the introduction of Windows Live Folder Share this job is made easy and can be done in just few minutes. Just you have to create your account and set your friends and colleges with whom you have to share your folder and done, he can automatically access the folder.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace: Your Online Office

Microsoft has just made Microsoft Office Live Workspace available for the users. This application is free internet based extension to MS Office. Using this application you can access your document online and you can also share the work with other users. This application was launched in competition for Google Docs. But still it is in its Beta phase, and will have to go miles to get compared with Google Docs which has created its solid identity in online office suites.

Shadow Explorer

ShadowExplorer enables the user to surf through the shadow copies generated by Window Vista. Generally Vista creates point in time copies of user files on a regular basis. This application allows you to recover older versions from files that may have been accidentally deleted or modified. It is especially designed for consumers of home editions, who cannot access their shadow copies by default. Other users can also utilize it.

Backing Up Data On Betting Software - Why It's So Important

Betting software has certainly helped a lot of people make a killing on the race course and other gambling venues. But there are some users who tend to forget that betting software needs special care in order to work at its optimum best. Many people grimace to see their computer systems crash and have lost valuable data, simply because they didn't back up their betting software. 

Laplink PCsync: File Transfer and Synchronization Redefined

If you are a multi PC user, so it is obvious that there is a requirement for transferring some data from one PC to other. Each time you have to use USB drives, write a CD or LAN the computer. But using Laplink PCsync this job becomes very easy. Using this software you can synchronize, transfer the file between two computers quickly and easily. The synchronization and transfer is done securely so you need not worry about the data security. 

How to backup your data using Roxio BackOnTrack?

Roxio BackOnTrack Software is awesome software available today for data backup. The whole backup operation consists of three parts. At first all the selected group of files is backed up then restores snap shots are stored for further use of this software and last all the drives are backed up into image files. The Disaster recovery feature creates an environment wherein you can boot even if the system fails to boot using the image drives. 

Three steps for a successful backup system

The best way ensure integrity of a company’s business depends crucially on security of its data! Power surges and disk failures are the major hindrances for data security. Now-a-days it is also not logical to maintain the hard copies of this data. Keeping hard copies surges you to other risks of data loss like fire and atmospheric damages. This being irretrievable loss, one needs to be absolutely considerate about the ways of data back up!