How to backup disk partitions

Hard disks come in various sizes, 20GB (Giga Bytes), 40GB, 80GB, 160GB and so on. For our convenience and for the ease of managing data that we store on our hard disks, we generally divide the hard disk into logical groups or known more appropriately and commonly as partitions. These partitions are just logical, for our use and convenience and do not imply or do anything to your hard disk physically.

NTI BackupNow for Windows XP/Vista

Effective and efficient backup software compatible with Windows Operating System is NTI BackupNow. This software is incorporated with loads of practical and functional features that can save backups to multiple drives as well as different network drives. NTI BackupNow software also provides free technical support which means that a user can always be able to receive help at any point in time if he or she experiences any kinds of conflicts or issues. It offers a total backup delivery solution serving any types of need and requirements.

How to backup data in MS SQL Server

Microsoft’s SQL Server is a strong competitor in the market of Data Base Management Systems. It is a complete data management system as well as data analysis tool that is highly reliable and secure. It is used by several organizations for managing their critical databases.

How to backup Firefox data

Firefox is a revolutionary open source web browser that has redefined internet browsing. The coolest thing about Firefox is extensions. Extensions as their name suggests are something that extends Firefox’s functionality. There are loads of extensions available at developed by several people.

Genie Backup Manager

In modern day computing technology, backup has become a mandatory element for all Operating Systems as well as Disaster Recovery Plan for maintaining the integrity and security of a network. Different softwares are available to keep back-up of information for Windows Operating System. One such data backup software is called Genie Backup Manager that contains different backup strategies to help sustain the stability of the Operating System.

How to back up a MySQL database

MySQL is an Open Source Database that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and has evolved into a very stable and favorable database solution for a wide variety of business requirements. MySQL is available for several different platforms. 

How to backup data in Evolution

Evolution is a very creative and innovative application that has taken the Linux world by storm. It is a GNOME Personal Information Management application which includes a mail client, a calendar, a contacts management tool, a task list manager and a communications tool all in a single package!

How to backup Firefox profile

Do you use the Firefox browser? It has a nice feature that allow you easy backup all of its data - your complete profile, including bookmarks, passwords, history, installed extensions or themes. All you need to do is copying its profile folders to another location. You can copy them to USB drive and back (e.g. if you reinstall you PC). There are different methods depending on your operating system.