BackRex: backup all Internet Explorer settings

Internet Explorer has many items which you would like to have backed up. URLs of your favorite pages, proxy settings, security zones, cookies, history, forms… This all is very important for you and should be saved to a secure storage before you will upgrade your IE installation or for computer crash problems. Freeware utility BackRex will help you.

BackRex installer is < 1 MB, so it is very small application. Installation procedure is classic Next, click, Next, click style. The BackRex itself works as a wizard which will guide you through the backup process.

How to backup Internet Explorer settings?

  1. Run the BackRex and click the Next button
  2. You will see five steps wizard. Select Backup option and continue
  3. In the third step select file for storing the Internet Explorer backup and check the compression option. Your backup can be password protected.
  4. Now you will see a list of your settings for backup
  5. The last step performs the backup and you will see the results. You Internet Explorer settings backup is now complete.


How to restore Internet Explorer settings

The restoration of your Internet Explorer settings is similar to its backup. Just run the BackRex, select the Restore option and continue with your backup file selection. Then all your settings will be restored.


Scheduled backup

BackRex software has a nice feature for Scheduled backup. So all your Internet Explorer settings can be backed up daily, weekly or monthly. Just select this option in the first step of the BackRex wizard and when the app prompts you set the backup interval.


BackRex is a handy application which will help you to keep all your Internet Explorer settings in a secure backup. You can use it when switching the computers too. The application has an English user interface but some of its parts gets texts from the system so it could be written in your language as seen on the screenshots.

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