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Window 7 Back-up: 3 Applications For You

When it comes down to computers, whether it’s a Mac or Windows machine, they have one thing in common: they need to be backed up. Some may ask: why? Well, in case you need to reboot your machine for system failures. You don’t want to lose important data do you? Coming up I’m going to show you some of the best backup tools available for your Windows 7 machine, keep in mind some are always better than others.

CopyTrans TuneSwift: How to transfer iTunes from one PC to another PC or Mac

If you have ever moved your data from one computer to another, you surely know what it is about. It is about many hours of the hard work. I’m sure you will love the tools that can help with this. One of them is a new CopyTrans TuneSwift which can be used as a migration or a backup assistant for your whole iTunes library.

Backing up with Norton 360 5.0

Norton 360 is a complete security and backup solution for home users. It protects your files against malware, secures the network communication and backups your files to local storages or to the internet. Which news comes with Norton 360 5.0?

Free iTunes alternative? Try CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is free alternative to iTunes, which allows you to fully manage your iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. This Windows software can be helpful in many needs you would like to do with these devices. Starting from the end of August 2010, CopyTrans Manager is fully compatible with iPhone 4 and the iPad.

Free backup software for your PC games

Are you a PC games player? Then you surely know how important and necessary saved game’s positions and saved states are. The nightmare of each PC player is losing the saved game state. Fortunately, there is simple free software which will backup your game positions.

Norton 360 4.0: web accessible online storage and Norton Tiki

Security and backup application Norton 360 from Symantec brings in its 4.0 version some new features. Since we are website about data backup, the most important news in Norton 360 4.0 for us is the web access to secure online storage. You can also download and search your files via the smartphones and the small application called Norton Tiki.

Backup4All Professional 4.3: backup solution for beginners

Are you looking for powerful yet easy to use backup application which works at files and folders basis? So you can try the Backup4All. It offers files and folders backup. You can use other folders, external drives, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, network, FTP or SFTP servers as storage for your backup. You will like its plugins philosophy saving you time and doesn’t require advanced knowledge.

CopyTrans 4: transfer iPod to iTunes/iPhone to computer

Have you ever lost your computer, had it stolen or accidentally erased your computer’s music? In those times, you’d probably wish you could recover your music from your iPod or iPhone! Fortunately I’m presenting you with the solutions that will allow you to do just that! Super easy, hassle free: CopyTrans 4!

How to backup with Ubuntu One and get 2 GB storage free

Popular Linux distribution Ubuntu offers from version 9.04 integration with interesting online backup service called Ubuntu One. After the subscription, you will get 2 GB secure online storage for free; much larger 50 GB storage is available for a small yearly fee. So how to backup with Ubuntu One?

How to backup Android (and HTC Hero) phone

A few days back I’ve got my first Android powered phone – HTC Hero. I have to say, it is much better than my Windows Mobile HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger. However I am not sure what is better – the touch screen or the Android system itself? Being the responsible user I immediately started searching the backup applications through the Android Market. There are the results.