Backup software

Verbatim PhotoSave DVD: how to backup your photos in three easy steps

I don’t remember how long time ago Verbatim released its nice tool for Windows beginners worldwide, but my first look at this DVD was about a half year ago. Verbatim PhotoSave DVD is a special blank 4,7 GB DVD medium which contains a backup software for the photos and other pictures in your computer. As it works with three clicks, it is ideal for the beginners or for not so advanced users.

Looking for the best free backup utility

Backup is mandatory nowadays, no matter if you run a business and you need to backup sensitive data or if you have a home computer and need to store all your important pictures. In a world of hazards (such as the computer world) where anything can fail at any moment, it is best to be prepared for the worst rather than let it happen and regret your choice later.

First and only backup for iPhone OS 3.0

A few days back we could see a new operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new iPhone OS 3.0 will be presented in a new iPhone 3GS and is available for current iPhone 3G owners for free. If you are using the iPod Touch, you can upgrade its OS to this new one for a small fee. But what about the data backup? There is about twenty competitors in iPod backups market, but the only one has the support for iPhone OS 3 as I know. Read more about CopyTrans 6 and CopyTrans Photo.

NasBackup: reliable backup to a network location

Network backup is one the the most reliable solutions I think. If you have a NAS server or a classic file server anywhere in your network, you can schedule your backup using open source utility called NasBackup.

Try new freeware alternative to iTunes

CopyTrans team released a new CopyTrans Manager. Another software from this vendor is well known to all readers. Using the CopyTrans software you can backup all the data from your iPod without installing the iTunes software. Check the video showing up the new CopyTrans Manager. It's not a backup tool, but I think it could be interested for you. It's an iTunes alternative (or iPod/iPhone manager) that enables iPhone and iPod users to add music, videos, podcasts to their favorite devices. Copytrans Manager also allows to create and manage playlists,edit song tags, play music and display artworks to name a few.

CopyTrans 3 is out: backup for all iPod players and iPhones

I mentioned the previous version of CopyTrans earlier this year. This unique backup solution for iPod and iPhone owners offers great and simple way to backup all your data from these players and phones. Now, the new better version is available.

If you are using the iPod, iPod Touch or the iPhone (did you heard about the new firmware 3.0 already?), you should think about backing up your data. Or do you want to loose your photos, contacts, music etc.? Beware of robbery…

How to backup iPhone and iPod: CopyTrans as a complete solution

Data loss is a very annoying situation. Your computer has crashed or your external drive needs maintenance, how will you get your favorite songs and videos back? That is why iPhone and iPod backups are necessary.

What if your music, movies and photos are still on your iPod/iPhone and you don’t know how to put them back into iTunes? As a synchronization tool, iTunes does not allow to transfer songs, videos, playlists from iPod to computer.

To do so, you will need a dedicated software – CopyTrans from WindSolutions.

BackRex: backup all Internet Explorer settings

Internet Explorer has many items which you would like to have backed up. URLs of your favorite pages, proxy settings, security zones, cookies, history, forms… This all is very important for you and should be saved to a secure storage before you will upgrade your IE installation or for computer crash problems. Freeware utility BackRex will help you.

Backup Emails with Amic Email Backup

Amic Email Backup is a simple Email backup software. It can backup Emails, address book, account settings, etc. However, it can not download Emails from the remote server. If you use a Email client to manage your Emails, you can use it to backup them. Up to now, Amic Email Bakup support 9 Email clients:

Backing Up Files with AceBackup

AceBackup is a lightweight (compared with Norton Ghost, etc) backup software. It is fit for personal use. AceBackup can run on most of Windows operating systems, from Windows 98 to Windows XP/2003. The features include:

  • Simultaneous backup on remote FTP servers or any local storage devices, even CD or DVD
  • Multiple versioning backup of the files with same name
  • Filter to eliminate certain file name extensions or to store files with the requested file extension!
  • ...and much more