Creating A Windows 8 System Image For Backup Purposes

Windows 8 comes with a wonderful set of backup tools, that are incredibly easy to use, that put very little stress on the user, and allow almost any user to handle basic backup utilities.

Turning On File History In Windows 8

Turning On File History In Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a lot of interesting features. Microsoft is working to upgrade the parts that were faulty in Windows 7, and add a couple of new options as well.

Windows 8 File History Backup: How-To

Whereas the new backup system for Windows 8 might not be suited for all kinds of users, it certainly helps home users of the general requirement of having to consider 3rd party applications, go through reviews and go through different licensing systems.

Not to mention the fact that Microsoft’s solution is certainly a lot easier to use than all those complex application you might find on the market. Albeit, some of them are built for the home user, it’s a lot easier when it’s already installed and already built for your system.

Native Windows 8 Backup System – Will It Catch On?

Windows Backup did not gain an amazing reputation – people that use it, use it mostly because it’s convenient and free, rather than because they feel they can count on it.

Less than 5% of consumer users end up actually using Microsoft Backup, which is an incredibly low number given the general usage of embedded Microsoft products. However, with the migration towards Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to get its users hooked on their backup system, with a different type of backup – a continuous one.

Preparing for Windows 8 Backup With Paragon Software

Image Backup for Windows 8 is one of those backup tools that need not much figuring out. As odd as that past sentence may sound, the point is, it does exactly what it should – it backs up data on Windows 8 machines.

How to back up your Minecraft saves

Minecraft is an exceptional creative sandbox building game that was created by Markus Notch Persson. His company Mojang currently develops this game. This game is immensely based upon putting your creativity and imagination to work to make 3D world out of the textured cubes.

How to back up your iWeb website

One of the gifts of Mac OS is the simple yet incredible application called the iWeb. This application is particularly useful in designing and creating your own web pages. iWeb is a wonderful application that lets you soar your imagination into designing your website or blog through media such as photos, videos and of course text.

How to backup Android apps before hard reset

The android market or the Google play store is flooding with thousands of new applications, games and utilities for the android lovers each day enhancing their experience with the OS and attracting a million more.

7zbackup - How to backup Windows with PowerShell and 7zip

Backing up can be a very tedious and a repetitive task. Hence, to save time and effort 7zbackup is often made use of.

One click Linux backup with Back In Time

I’ve been a long-time fan of OS X’s Time Machine – it’s sleek, simple, easy to use and it does its job without ever forcing me to looking for a different app. Well, the good news today is that we now have a similar application for Linux and it’s called Back in Time.