How does Offsite Backup (OBR) work?

Use of CD/DVD-ROMs, USB Hard Drive for backups is more time consuming as it includes more processes for completing the entire back up operation. These processes are sequential, making it more intricate to locate the files swiftly. Comparatively Offsite internet backup offers random access, resulting in time-saving. Its ability to read / write results in lowering the operational cost and increase in productivity. Offsite Backup and Restore (OBR) is an ideal application for all your data storage needs. Secured Encryption makes your data confidential and reduces the chances of losing your data as the data is stored in a remote location. Using OBR users can access their data anywhere and at anytime. 

How to backup Windows XP Home Edition

Your data is the valuable asset on your hard disk. To preserve this valuable asset it is essential to create a backup of your data. If you want to back up data using Windows XP Home Edition then you have to install it manually using your Windows XP CD-ROM, since Windows XP Home Edition does not include backup utility, ntbackup.exe. In case of Windows XP Professional edition this is installed by default to your system.

How To Backup Messenger Data

Many times we are concerned on how to backup a copy of our messages and messenger’s contact list. It is always better to have a back of our messenger data. It’s very simple to have backup of our messenger’s data. You can back up messenger data manually by adopting the following steps.

Backup Using BackUp Maker

Backup Maker provides the best possible solution to create backup of data. Backup Maker is user friendly and also covers many functions that enable user to create backup of data within short time duration. With the help of its user friendly interface, user can easily backup and restore data as similar to backup and restore wizard of the windows.

Backup Website using Wget Program

Your website is the visual aspect of your organization. To prevent loss of data and content of your website due to a fatal disaster; you can backup your website on timely basis. Nowadays Web Systems allow you to create your entire web back up from the website itself. There is easy and automatic way to back up your website files using the open source application called Wget.

How to backup and restore data and e-mail account settings in Outlook 2007

Creating backup of your outlook data and email account settings is as essential as creating backup of any data. This will help you in case of data loss or migrating from one system to other. In Outlook 2007 your e-mails are saved in a Personal Folder File with a .pst extension which does not include in your normal backup operation. Following these simple steps can help you to save and restore your e-mail, contacts, rules, task and more.

Backup with Symantec Norton 360

Symantec utilities are well-known security software. However one of them, Norton 360, is not only security software. It is also a backup utility with ability to store your backup data using secure online storage. You can easily backup your pictures, documents, contacts, music, videos, emails, internet favorites and other files or folders. You have 2 GB space for your online backup, not too much. However you can backup to another disc or burn your data backup onto a CD/DVD too. 

How to Backup and Restore data using iPod (For Mac Users)

It’s important to learn on how to backup/restore data using your iPod. Most of us are unaware that our iPods are nothing more than an external hard drives and they can be used to store data of any kind. When Hard drive is on the verge of crashing at that time we have to reformat our disk. In this case you may lose your important Data unless you backup it. If you have your iPod handy, you can use it to backup your data and restore it again.

How to backup data using DriveHQ Online Backup software?

It is always beneficial to learn about the importance of the data backup. There are various possibilities wherein you can lose your important data at any time due to attack of viruses, Failure of power, Hard disk failure etc. Depending upon the importance of data; backing up the data is essential. If you wish to have an online backup then DriveHQ is a software which can help you to create online backup of your Documents, Outlook, Registry, E-mail, Messenger and System backups.  

How to backup System State data?

Backing up your data is one of the most important things that you do in your office or at home. You won’t miss something until it is gone. If you don’t want to spend your precious time in redoing things then make sure you backup your data in time. There are few simple steps to backup your System State Data. Using these steps you can create a backup file for critical system related components. In case of crash, this back up file can help you to recover the critical system components.