1Click Backup Software – features and benefits

One of the most powerful backup software for windows, 1Click Backup Software, has become extensively popular in recent times. It has the capabilities of backing up all personal files, folders and other important documents. It also has the capabilities of backing up information from other external memory storage. The most significant features of this particular software is its ability to backup files in compressed form, thereby facilitating the required security and integrity of information and data. 1Click Backup Software offers online data backup on any remote server from any existing storage devices or from any external memory storage device. This particular software gives a user a memory of 100 MB free space on any company server.  

How to backup iPhone

If you want to backup your iPhone, because you dare to lose all your information and make your iPhone into a useless element normally if things go off beam, the worst that will happen is that you have to restore your iPhone to its initial pristine state. That means that you’d lose your settings and data on the iPhone. So before you loose your iPhone, make sure you save off your data by doing simple steps.

How to backup using WD My Book

Most notebook owners are recently became attentive of a need for extra storage space. The creation in digital media such as music, video and images (high resolution) has resulted in an equivalent increase in require for storage space. Notebook computers habitually come prepared with smaller space hard drives than desktop, and their closed skeleton makes upgrading the offered drive a task the minority owners wish to consider. Therefore they turn to external means such as optical media, USB flash keys, online backup or, as we look at here: external hard-drives.

How to backup Active Directory

In Windows Server 2003 family unit, you can restore the Active Directory database if it becomes ruined or is damaged because of hardware or software failures. Active Directory restore can be performed in several ways. Duplication synchronizes the most recent changes from every other duplication partner. When replication is finished each associate has an updated version of Active Directory. There is a new way to get these latest updates by Backup utility to restore simulated data from a backup copy. For this restore you do not require to configure again your domain controller or no need to install the operating system from scrape.

How to make Google account backup

If you thought about the spoil of having your Google account disabled or hijacked like with the script susceptibility that left one designer totally out of the ring—it might be time to do incredible to make sure all your Google gear can't be taken away in one fell swoop. The Goggle Operating System blog recommends a few steps to ensure nonstop access to your web apps, such as cloning your mail into a fresh account, sharing Google Calendar and Reader, and creating extra authorized accounts.

How to backup the registry

Windows Registry is a unique feature to windows and is the most important part of the windows operating system. It is a kind of a database which is used to keep settings, options and configurations for all applications, user accounts preferences, hardware configurations, the operating system related important configurations, etc. Whenever the user makes changes in the Control Panel settings, or to the file associations or to any of the system policies, or install/uninstall softwares the configurations are stored in the windows registry. 

How to backup Outlook Express Data

Outlook Express is the windows email client that is shipped along with all windows versions from Windows 95 till Windows XP. In Windows Vista Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Mail.  It has new features but is still very easy to use application.

Backup data in network with Handy Backup Server software

Handy Backup Server was mainly designed and developed keeping in mind to enhance the facilities in corporate as well as network backup. In a network the data and other information are backed up from multiple machines to administer from the central server to host machines. Handy Backup Clients are installed on the machines of the users whose data need to be backed up. They run as Windows service and do not have a graphical interface.

How to backup a Disk Partition in Windows Vista

In my last article How to backup a Disk Partition I guided you about taking backups. My previous article however was a little more biased towards taking backups of disk partitions in Linux. The reason for this was because it is slightly complicated in Linux and people can find it difficult to be able to do it at times. Although it uses one simple command it can be difficult for those who don’t know, also my preferred method for backups is using that. 

How to backup Total Commander with all plugins

Total Commander is one of the most known file managers for Windows operating system. Its side by side panels with files and folders offers easy to use interface for fast work. Total Commander has built-in FTP client, supports many types of archives and could be extended using many plugins. You can backup Total Commander with all installed plugins and all their settings very easy. Here is how to do that.